Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Toronto van attacker bald in arrest photos yesterday, has full head of hair in court sketches today

Yesterday, when Toronto van attacker Alek Minassian was arrested, he was bald:
Today, in court sketches, he has a full head of hair. Here he is in a sketch published by the Associated Press and run by the New York Daily News:
Court sketches aren’t a high art, but in a different court sketch run by CNN, Minassian doesn’t look like the same person at all. I’ve included the captions on both the sketch below and the sketch above so that you can see that they’re supposed to be of the same person:
But in both sketches, as disparate as they are, he has a full head of hair. Was Minassian supplied a toupee in court today? Was he supplied two quite different toupees? Was he wearing a bald wig yesterday?
Or are authorities once again not being honest with us?
Again, I’m not saying that this is necessarily a jihad attack. But as oddities such as these court sketches multiply, we have to wonder what the Canadian authorities are trying to hide. And what else are authorities hiding when jihad attacks occur?

German pensioners live in poverty while Islamists receive thousands of euros. What is wrong with our country? – AfD

Alice Weidel, one of the leaders of Germany’s populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, replied to the news that an ex-bodyguard of Osama bin Laden receives 1,200 euros per month in German benefits.
In a Facebook video, Weidel says the case shocks her. Especially the fact that former bodyguard Sami A. receives a large amount of benefits while the governing coalition has no money for Germany’s poor pensioners. “What is wrong with our country?” Weidel asks.
In a formal press release the AfD leader says: “What fate awaits Sami A. in Tunisia is not the problem of the German taxpayers. However, to protect and financially equip an Islamist, to feed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, while for our own population less and less remains… this fits Merkel’s current Germany.”
Weidel adds that she wants to shift the country’s priorities and the idea of Germany last should stop: “I demand that the priorities be finally set so that the motto of German politics is no longer ‘Germany last’! More money for our pensioners.”
Two months ago, the AfD polled as Germany’s second biggest party. With 16 per cent against 15.5 per cent of support, the party then narrowly surpassed the center-left SPD for the first time in a national poll.

Govt Could Intervene over Takeover of Pro-Brexit Express by Left-Wing Mirror

WESTERHAM, ENGLAND - JUNE 23: Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP and Vote Leave campaigner holds up the 'Daily Express' as he returns to his home after buying newspapers of the United Kingdom on June 23, 2016 in Westerham, England. The United Kingdom is going to the polls to decide whether or not the country wishes to remain within the European Union. After a hard fought campaign from both REMAIN and LEAVE the vote is too close to call. A result on the referendum is expected on Friday morning. (Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images)

Mary Turner/Getty

The Culture Secretary has said that the government could investigate the takeover of the Brexit-supporting Express by the left-wing Trinity Mirror over the question of editorial independence.

Matt Hancock said he was “minded” to launch a government investigation into the takeover of Northern & Shell’s UK publishing assets, which include the Express and Daily Star newspapers, by Trinity Mirror, reports the BBC.“The first public interest ground [for investigating the merger] is the need for free expression of opinion, and concerns the potential impact the transfer of newspapers would have on editorial decision making,” Mr. Hancock said.
“The second ground is the need for a sufficient plurality of views in newspapers, to the extent that it is reasonable or practicable.”
The Culture Secretary noted that should the buyout of the patriotic tabloid go through, it would mean Trinity Mirror, an organisation which helped found groups like the radical left HOPE not Hate, would hold the largest share of national newspapers in the market – holding nine out of 20 titles.
Mr. Hancock also added that its readership would grow to 28 per cent – making Trinity Mirror, recently renamed Reach, the second largest in circulation terms.
He said that his decision on whether to issue a public interest intervention notice would come “shortly”.
The statement came after the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched an initial investigation in March, with a decision on whether to launch a full investigation to come on June 7th.
The “hold separate” order issued last month by the CMA pauses further integration of the media businesses whilst the monopoly regulator conducts its investigation.
The Express was founded in 1900 by Sir Arthur Pearson, a strong advocate of protectionism and tariff-based trade.
The first editorial of the paper stated: “[The Express] will be the organ of no political party nor the instrument of any social clique… Its editorial policy will be that of an honest Cabinet Minister… Our policy is patriotic; our policy is the British Empire.”
Days after the shareholder vote on the takeover of the Richard Desmond-owned newspapers, Daily Express editor Hugh Whittow and the Daily Star‘s editor Dawn Newsom both resigned and were replaced by Sunday Mirror and Sunday People editor Gary Jones and Daily Mirror associate editor Jon Clark.

Bin Laden's former bodyguard receives welfare payments in Germany

Sami A., who was classified by the authorities as an Islamic threat, was a former bodyguard of the late Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. For several years he has lived in the town of Bochum, from where he apparently recruited young Muslims for the so-called Holy War. Nevertheless, a court ruling at the highest level prohibits the deportation of Sami A. to his native Tunisia - partly because he is married to a German and the couple have four children together. Now the newspaper "Bild" reports that the Tunisian receives 1167.84 euros per month in state support. This information was provided by the NRW state government at the request of the political party AfD.According to "Bild", Sami A. came to Germany in 1997 at the age of 21. Between 1999 and 2000 he travelled to Afghanistan. Recruitment to an Al-Qaeda training camp is said to have finally promoted him to Bin Laden's bodyguard. Sami A. denies this, as well as his alleged contacts to one of the masterminds of the September 11 attack.

Mülheim an der Ruhr / Germany: Police search for Asian-looking man with blotchy skin for rape of 12-year-old girl

The criminal police are investigating a possible sexual offence against a 12-year-old girl. According to current investigations, the 12-year-old was sexually abused yesterday at noon at the Gracht stop by an unknown man in the cemetery there. After the crime, the girl ran to her mother and described the incident. She had already noticed the man in the shopping center in downtown Mülheim. The girl described the man as Asian, about 30-40 years old, about 165 to 175 cm tall and of normal stature. He is said to have short brown hair and to have worn a white T-shirt and a wide light blue jeans at the time of the crime. His skin is noticeably stained, similar to psoriasis or after sunburn. The police now check the girl's details and hope for witnesses or whistleblowers who know the conspicuous man or have seen him at the Gracht stop or in the city centre. Under the telephone number 0201/829-0 the Criminal Commissioner's Office 12 receives the information.

Lüneburg / Germany: Afghan man raped 13-year-old girl

After a sexual offence against a 13-year-old girl from Lüneburg in the evening hours of April 21, 2018, police were able to arrest a 21-year-old suspicious man yesterday April 23. According to the investigation, the 13-year-old and a friend of her age had met two Afghan men aged 19 and 21 in Lüneburg. The rest of the evening was spent together in the city, and the 13-year-old victim also consumed a considerable amount of alcohol. The suspect is accused of carrying out sexual acts on the drunken girl later in the evening. The 13-year-old was later hospitalized and examined. The 21-year-old Afghan citizen, who has been provisionally arrested, will be brought before the magistrate today at the request of the public prosecutor's office in Lüneburg. Further investigations are ongoing. A previously unknown couple, who were so kind as to bring the girls home, is asked to contact the Lüneburg police as witnesses, tel.: 04131/8306-2215.

Swedish woman who accompanied two Afghans to prove that xenophobes are wrong, is raped and abused

One of the suspects - Photo Credits: Swedish Police
A middle-aged Swedish woman was raped and abused by two Afghan asylum seekers in their asylum accommodation, Fria Tider reports. The woman, who was a member of a Facebook group against migrant deportations, tried to prove that xenophobes are wrong about the fact that Afghans are dangerous.
The woman was raped and harassed on 26 December last year. She wanted to meet someone during a night out and when she was unsuccessful, decided to go with the two Afghan men, she told the police.
She met the two unaccompanied refugees from Afghanistan outside a pub and decided to accompany them to their asylum centre in Ljungby.
The woman, a member of an anti-deportation group, told police: “I have never been afraid or worried about people from other countries” and “I thought it was quite interesting to talk with them”.
When they arrived at the men’s room in the asylum accommodation, things changed rapidly. They drank alcohol and one of the men started touching her, even though she told him she didn’t want him to and against her repeated protests.
Later, one of the men, called Anwar, raped her vaginally and anally, while the other masturbated next to her. It was a very painful experience she said.
After getting away the woman called the police. The two Afghans were arrested and were convicted last week by the Växjö District Court.
Anwar is convicted of rape. His sentence was one year and three months in prison. He will also pay 134,990 SEK (13,000 euros) in damages to the woman. Fardin is sentenced for sexual abuse and he will pay 23,990 SEK (2,300 euros) in damages to the victim. The prosecutor never asked for Fardin to be expelled.
The woman was traumatised by the horrible experience and now has sleep problems.

One in Three North Africans Want to Migrate Permanently, Number Rising

The proportion of North Africans who want to permanently migrate has reached a record high, with almost half of young people wanting to move country if they get the chance.

Just under one in three (32 per cent) of 5,030 North African respondents to the Gallup World poll for 2017 said they would like to move abroad — a figure up from 28 per cent the previous year.The desire to migrate was found to be strongest among younger North Africans, with the proportion of 15- to 29-year-olds jumping from 40 per cent in 2016 to 46 per cent the following year.
Almost a third (30 per cent) of people in the 30 to 49 age bracket said they would like to permanently migrate, rising from 24 per cent of those interviewed in 2016 by the pollster, which surveyed people living in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia.
The most desired destination for North Africans who said they would like to migrate permanently was France, with the number who named the EU country rising to 19 per cent from 13 per cent the previous year.
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were in second and third place in desired destinations, respectively, but Gallup noted that the two countries “are more popular among potential migrants from Egypt than among those from other North African states, who are substantially more focused on Europe”.
At the beginning of 2018, the Open Society European Policy Institute predicted a number of geopolitical changes would take place in North Africa this year which would enable many more migrants to travel to Europe.
Perhaps ominously, given claims of activists working on behalf of globalist billionaire George Soros bragging about their role in toppling governments, the institute’s Giulia Lagana described several scenarios which would see almost every EU frontier crumble.
Last month, Breitbart London reported on research by Pew which found that up to two-thirds of the 1.1 billion-strong population of sub-Saharan Africa want to migrate.
Despite the insistence of NGOs that migration from the third world is driven entirely by ‘push’ factors such as terrorism, persecution, and poverty, researchers found the desire to emulate friends and relatives who had moved illegally to Europe was behind the ambitions of many Africans seeking to move, a number of whom told Die Welt: “We do everything we can to go to paradise.”

Parliament Offers ‘Islamist’ Group Opportunity to Create Official ‘Islamophobia’ Definition

MPs are to write a report on identifying a “working definition of Islamophobia”, appealing to hard-line Islamist and far left, Soros-funded groups to contribute.

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims launched their “appeal for evidence” Monday, describing “Islamophobia” as a form of “group based hatred or hostility” comparable to racism.Their letter does not acknowledge there might be rational reasons to have reservations about rising levels of radical Islam and the growing influence of Islam in the West generally.
The call for submissions also also only mentions free speech concerns at the end, in passing, describing them as “questions possibly outside the scope of this report”.
They aim to develop a definition of Islamophobia that can be “widely accepted by Muslim communities, political parties, and the Government”, the document adds.
Baroness Warsi, the parliamentary group’s treasurer and one of its four elected officers, tweeted: “To effectively challenge #Islamophobia we must comprehensively define it.”
She also sent the appeal for evidence directly to the radical left wing “anti-fascist” group HOPE Not Hate — who just last week were forced to distance themselves from an anti-Semitic supporter — and the Islamist-linked Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) group, formerly known as iENGAGE, inviting them both to contribute.
The APPG on British Muslims was launched in 2010 but was forced to re-launch the following year after a Tory MP and Labour Peer quit when “Islamist sympathisers” iENGAGE, which had repeatedly defended extremists, were made the group’s secretariat and given parliamentary passes.
report last year found MEND still promotes “extremism”, harbours anti-Semites, and gives a platform to Muslim grievance narratives and Islamist views, including promoting false claims of “Islamophobia”.
And, in the last two months, they have been slammed for “racist” attacks on a moderate a Muslim appointed to advise the government on integration and an outgoing Metropolitan Police chief compared them to a banned terror group.
Baroness Warsi also sent the appeal to the Muslim Council of Britain, which is accused of working with extremists. The government has also admitted they are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which campaigns for a global, Islamist, sharia state, and are banned as a terror group in some countries.
Tell Mama was likewise invited to give evidence in her tweet. They are an “anti-Islamophobia” group which lost government backing in 2013 after being accused of inflating and misrepresenting statistics.
UKIP London Assembly Members David Kurten was critical of the Baroness, telling Breitbart London: “MPs and Lords on the APPG should not be looking for feedback from groups which want to stop discussion or criticism of Islamic texts.
“In a free and healthy society, open discussion and debate are essential, and they should be actively seeking to allow freedom of speech, thought and conscience, rather than making rules and definitions which are likely to curtail the freedoms which have been hard won over centuries of British history.”
He attacked the very existence of such a thing as “Islamophobia,” continuing: “The word phobia means an irrational fear. It is not irrational to discuss, debate, criticize or express concerns about Islamic texts or customs.”
He added: “Islamophobia is already classed as a specific category of hate crime by police forces. The definition of hate crime is so broad that anyone who feels offended by anything anyone says or does can report them as a hate criminal.”
UK police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) frequently seek outpursue, and prosecute claims of “Islamophobia” and anti-Muslim “hate crimes”, and the definition developed by the parliamentary group is likely to inform the law.
In June last year, Prime Minister Theresa May described “Islamophobia” as a form or “extremism” comparable to Islamist terrorism.
Recently, the APPG on British Muslims has made headlines for attacking a pro-Brexit group for an allegedly “offensive” anti-Muslim tweet and after publishing a report arguing that Muslims are not against Christmas celebrations.