Sunday, May 20, 2018

United Nations Migration Chief Attacks Trump, Claims Mass Migration in ‘National Interest’

United Nations Migration Agency Director-General William Lacy Swing has issued a barely concealed attack on the U.S. President, claimed mass migration is in the “national interest”, and that concerns about migrants are based on “false stereotypes and unfounded fear”.

“People say … we don’t want any migrants, build a wall and burn the bridge,” Swing sneered. “They identify [migrants] as ‘the other’. That is a big fear,” he claimed.
The former U.S. diplomat issued his thinly veiled attack on President Trump in an interview with the Korea Herald, buttressing it with a sustained assault on populism more generally.

“It is very toxic in nature, built on a lot of false stereotypes that they are coming to take our jobs and bringing in criminal elements, probably bringing in diseases. None of which was proved,” he claimed.The statement seems incredible, considering the ferocious violence which migration-background organised gangs like MS-13 are known to employ in the United States, or the mass sex attacks by migrants on New Year’s Eve in Germany, among other examples.
In terms of disease, it has also long been established that mass migration from the Global South is worsening public health in the West, with migrants known to have doubled the rate of HIV, trebled the rate of tuberculosis, and increased by twentyfold the rate of hepatitis B in the United Kingdom as long ago as 2003.
Swing attempted to sell his interviewers on the idea that “Migrants are [the] ultimate agents of development,” claiming they should be pushed on prosperous South Korea as an alternative to increasing automation and productivity because “robots don’t pay taxes”.
“[Migration] is inevitable, but also necessary,” he insisted.
“It is in [the] national interest. And it is absolutely desirable if we have the right policies rather than being stuck in the past, he ” he added — suggesting national should use their visa systems more “resourcefully.”

Vienna: Turkish man stabs woman to death openly in the street

The Viennese police confirmed that a deadly knife attack took place on Sunday at 1 pm in Leebgasse street (corner of Buchengasse street) in the district of Favoriten. A 67-year-old Turkish man attacked his life companion (59) with a knife on the street, causing life-threatening injuries. The task forces were on site with several teams. As one witness reported, an attempt was made to reanimate the woman. Unfortunately, the resuscitation attempt was unsuccessful. As the police confirmed at 2 p.m., the woman died of the serious injuries, and as the eyewitness continues, both the alleged perpetrator and his victim are native Turks. Some men stormed out of the house at the same time as the couple and wanted to dissuade the man - without success. Other citizens also ran to the scene to help. The emergency services are still on site. "A male suspect was arrested and taken away," said Daniel Fürst of the LPD Vienna. "The murder weapon, a knife, was recovered. Investigations are underway," according to a police broadcast.

Hitzacker / Germany: 60 left-wing extremist thugs storm a policeman's private home

The police speak of "a new quality of violence": 60 people, most of them masked, attacked the property and private home of a policeman in Hitzacker on Friday evening. After a peaceful demonstration in Gorleben, around 60 people, most of them disguised, stormed the grounds and private home of a police officer in Hitzacker, Lower Saxony, on Friday evening. According to the police, they had previously tried loudly in front of the house to intimidate the family. The official himself was not at home. In the attack it should have come to property damage. The alarmed police were able to capture the initially fled attackers near the property at a railway crossing with a major deployment. "It came to blows and resistance actions," said the police. All were provisionally arrested to establish their personal details. According to police, they belong to the "regional and supra-local left-wing scene". Some were taken into custody, all others were given a ban on residence for the city of Hitzacker. Two of the men were still in custody on Saturday for alleged crimes. A woman arrested for resisting police officers was released on Saturday morning.

In its press release, the police stated a "targeted attack on police officers as private individuals" and "a new quality of violence against the police and their relatives". In consultation with the public prosecutor's office in Lüneburg, she initiated criminal proceedings for breach of the peace, violation of the law on assemblies, breach of the peace, threat, insult, theft and resistance against police officers.

According to the "Elbe-Jeetzel-Zeitung", the attackers are "to be assigned to the left spectrum". Several apparently belong to the environment of an autonomous conference house with inn in Meuchefitz. In mid-February, the police confiscated a Kurdish banner with an 80-strong special unit. The police officer, whose property was stormed on Friday evening, was therefore involved in the operation as part of his work in the State Security Division. His address is said to have been published on a left-autonomous website.

"This attack clearly shows how far the violence against police officers has progressed and that there are groups in this population that no longer have any qualms about taking personal action against police officers," said Alexander Zimbehl, state chairman of the DPolG police union. The publication of names and private addresses, combined with the call for violence on left-wing extremist websites, has increased significantly in recent months. Zimbehl again called for "a clear reaction of politicians".

78 Per Cent of 9,000 Afghan ‘Children’ Allowed To Remain in Sweden Are Really Adults

A proposal to allow some 9,000 young Afghan migrants to stay in Sweden has been controversial among voters, as a new report shows that at least 78 per cent are really adults.

Last month, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his government announced a plan to allow some 9,000 “underage” Afghan migrants to stay in the country after a wave of protest against deportations to Afghanistan.
The issue has remained a highly controversial topic ahead of this year’s national election, but now it has been revealed that the vast majority of the migrants were not underage Expressen reports.

The newspaper conducted a study with a portion of the 9,000 migrants and found that none of the men had valid identification documents when they entered Sweden and that a significant number, almost half, had lived in Iran for at least a year before heading to the Scandinavian country.Additionally, 99.4 per cent of them are male.
According to Anna Lindblad, a lawyer and legal expert at the Swedish Migration Board, the agency lists many migrants as 18 at the time of their asylum decision if they cannot prove they are under 18.
Lindblad said that in some cases, where is it obvious the migrant in question is an adult, their claims of being a minor are dismissed — but in other cases, migrants are required to prove they are underage, and 7,000 of the 9,000 were unable to convince the agency they were not adults.
The revelation follows medical tests done by the Swedish government that have repeatedly shown that a majority of migrants claiming to be underage were adults.
Migration has been voted the most important election issue in Sweden ahead of the September elections, according to a study conducted by Demoskop.
The populist anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats have become the party most favoured by Swedish voters on the topic, with leader Jimmie Åkesson decisively winning a debate on the subject with several other party leaders.
Follow the debate, a new poll from YouGov revealed a surge in support for the Sweden Democrats with them tied for first place alongside the ruling Social Democrats.

Almost 1,400 minor girls abused by mostly migrant pimps in the Netherlands

An investigation by Dutch newspaper “Algemeen Dagblad” exposes the horrible reality behind the world of young pimps or ‘loverboys’. Young men, who are mostly from migrant backgrounds, blackmail and abuse hundreds of minor girls in the Netherlands every single year.
The newspaper contacted social workers, the police and experts on the subject. The newspaper writes that the young pimps are mostly Moroccans, Turks, Antilleans or Romanians. Quickly earning money and power are their main goals.
Floor ‘t Sas, a psychologist who works with the victims, notes that social media is used to blackmail the girls. According to her, footage is being made of the girls having sex with their boyfriends or with a ‘loverboy’. Afterwards this is enough to blackmail them to become illegal sex workers.
Marijke van Overveld of the Dutch police says: “We are talking about almost 1,400 minor victims yearly.” Overveld mentions the process of seducing and blackmailing the girls has shortened from months to two weeks or less.
While several grooming gang cases have been highlighted in the UK, the horrible abuse of minor girls is alive in the Netherlands as well. Like in the UK, most of the pimps in the Netherlands have migrant backgrounds.

Austria’s New Vice-Chancellor Shares Video Slamming Prosecution of Generation Identity

Austrian Vice-Chancellor and leader of the populist Freedom Party Heinz-Christian Strache shared a video condemning the prosecution of Generation Identity in Austria, calling it “thought-provoking”.

Vice-Chancellor Strache, known for his fierce anti-Islamisation and anti-mass migration rhetoric, shared a video on his personal Facebook page from the former leader of the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ) Gerald Grosz, who slammed the recent charges levelled against the identitarian group, Kurier reports.
In the video, the former BZÖ leader addressed current conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) Justice Minister Josef Moser accusing the minister of “prosecuting the Identitarian Movement of Austria by your proxy prosecutor”.
Seventeen members of Generation Identity were charged with forming a criminal organisation by the Graz public prosecutor’s office earlier this week following a series of raids on offices and the private homes of many activists, including co-leader Martin Sellner, also ordered by the prosecutor’s office but believed to be connected to a separate investigation. 
“Do you actually want political activism and political expression in the future to be judged under the Mafia law?” Grosz asked, speculating which activist group would be next and listing several prominent groups including Greenpeace. 
Grosz suggested that Moser may claim that he is not behind the prosecution but rather his Secretary-General bears responsibility for it. If that were the case, Grosz said, “perhaps it would be better to appoint your Secretary-General as Minister” and called on the Justice Minister to retire.
While Strache refused to comment to the Austrian media on the sharing of the video, he responded to one user on Facebook saying the video was “thought-provoking”. 
The prosecution against identitarians in Austria comes only months after co-leader Martin Sellner was twice detained and refused entry when he attempted to enter the United Kingdom.
In the first case, Sellner, along with his partner, author and political commentator Britanny Pettiboneplanned to give a speech at London’s Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park on the topic of free speech. Both Sellner and Pettibone were held for several days.
After his deportation back to Austria, Sellner handed a reworked version of his speech to former English Defence League leader turned counter-extremism campaigners and citizen journalist Tommy Robinson, who read it to a crowd of thousands
The second detention and deportation came when Sellner attempted to attend a private identitarian conference.
The conference went ahead but saw far-left extremist violence after far-left activist group HOPE not Hate, which has been funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros, published the private location of the event on Twitter.

One far-left activist was arrested by police following the violence.

Iran's Leaders at War with Western Civilization -- Why is the West Putting Up with It?

by Giulio Meotti
  • The archipelago of political Islam in Europe, from Tariq Ramadan to the Muslim Brotherhood, revolves around the orbit of the Qatar-Iran axis. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood openly sided with Khomeini's revolutionaries as they overthrew the Shah, and now threatens Saudi Arabia and the UAE and others in the region.
  • After the revolution, for the first time, the Iranians declared war on their own cultural life: theaters were closed, concerts were banned, entertainers fled the country, cinemas were confiscated, broadcasting was forbidden.
  • Will Europe – the cradle of Western culture and civilization – open its eyes and stop regularly taking the side of the Iran's tyrannical ayatollahs?
The United States just withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal. The move is fully justified not only on the grounds security, but primarily because Iran's Iranian Khomeinist revolution is a deadly and propulsive ideology that the West cannot allow to become a nuclearized one.
At the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, everything changed when Said and Sharif Kouachi murdered 11 people in its Paris office. Among the texts recovered on the Kouachi brothers' laptop was the Iranian call for death against the novelist Salman Rushdie, calling it "fully justified". The killers were inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini's deadly edict against Rushdie. The bloodbath at Charlie Hebdo is one of the poisoned fruits of the Islamic Republic. The Iranian ayatollahs fear the allure of Western culture. That is why, since 1979, they are at war with it.
The leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, pictured in 1979. (Photo by Asadollah Chahriari/Keystone/Getty Images)
Never, before Ayatollah Khomeini's rise to power, was a writer forced to live under the threat of deliberate murder, with a bounty on his head, for criticizing Islam. Before the Iranian Revolution, no Arab was marked for death. Since Khomeini, murdering literary dissidents has become a routine: the Algerian writer Tahar Djaout, the Egyptian intellectual Farag Foda, Turkish writers murdered in Sivas, and recently butchered bloggers from Bangladesh. The fatwa against Rushdie was one of Iran's most successful attacks on Western civilization and efforts to intimidate the West.
U.S. flag-burning and chanting "Death to America" became common in the Middle East only after the Iranian takeover of the US embassy in Teheran. When Donald Trump pulled the US out of the nuclear deal, Iranian MPs in their Parliamentburned the American flag. In the last few months, Iranian girls who took off their veil were arrested and beaten. It was Iran that made chador a symbol of political Islam. A woman wrapped in a black chador, the most severe form of hijab, has become one of the most visible images of the Islamic Republic.
Women never used to be covered in Egypt, Syria Afghanistan, Turkey, the Maghreb. Khomeini changed all that; he called it the veil "a flag of the revolution". It is not a coincidence that 1989 was not only the year of Rushdie's fatwa, but also when in France started the Islamic scarf controversy. A school principal told three Muslim teenagers that they could not attend high school in Creil due to the France's Contitutional commitment to secularism. The Islamic community started to fight for the right to veil their girls at schools. "We will keep it until we die", the Islamic fundamentalists in France chanted.
The hijab was first distributed by the Iranian embassy in Algiers. In Tunisia, the secular government was excommunicated by the Iranian fundamentalists after 1981, when the Tunisian government issued a circular prohibiting the use of a hijab in schools and public offices. In recent years, Iran has also managed to impose the hijab on a large number of European leaders and ministers visiting the country, thereby placing them in a humiliating state of cultural and symbolic subjugation.
The Iranian ayatollahs were the first formally to persecute the Christian populations in the Middle East. Today, Iran is on list of Open Doors' ten worst countries for Christians. The idea of attacking Jewish communities around the world is also an Iranian invention: in 1992 and 1994, the Jewish community and the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires were blown up. Until Iran's Revolution, no country had promoted a false Holocaust denial.
The archipelago of political Islam in Europe, from Tariq Ramadan to the Muslim Brotherhood, revolves around the orbit of the Qatar-Iran axis. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood openly sided with Khomeini's revolutionaries as they overthrew the Shah, and now threatens Saudi Arabia and the UAE and others in the region.
In the early years of the Revolution, a ferocious puritanism hit the nation. Thousands of "prostitutes", drug addicts and homosexuals were executed. In public places, revolutionaries attacked people who did not respect the stringent new codes of dress and behavior. Then, there were no Taliban, no ISIS, no Boko Haram. Since the Iranian Revolution, the idea of including sharia in national laws has spread throughout the Islamic world. After the revolution, for the first time, the Iranians declared war on their own cultural life: theaters were closed, concerts were banned, entertainers fled the country, cinemas were confiscated, broadcasting was forbidden.
The idea of using children as human bombs originated in was also advanced by Iran. As the German scholar Matthias Küntzel wrote, "Khomeini was the first to develop a full-blown death cult". During the Iran-Iraq war, the Ayatollah Khomeini imported thousands of plastic keys from Taiwan. The ayatollah sent these Iranian children through the Iraqi minefields in the direction of the enemy, to open a gap with their bodies. Before each mission, Iranian children were given a key to hang around their neck; they were told it would open the doors to paradise.
Since then, the baby suicide bombers made their appearance in GazaIraqSyriaNigeria and Afghanistan.
The fatwas against "blasphemous" writers, the veiling of women, the attacks against Jews worldwide, the persecution of Christians, the abuse of children, the imposition of Islamic law... All these have been the poisoned fruits of Khomeini's revolution and the most direct challenges to the central features of the Western civilization. Will Europe – the cradle of Western culture and civilization – open its eyes and stop regularly taking the side of the Iran's tyrannical ayatollahs?

UK: Jury Hears Police Sergeant Mohammed Perwaze ‘Repeatedly Raped’ 8-year-old Girl

Prosecutors say “manipulative” police officer Mohammed Perwaze repeatedly raped an 8-year-old girl, telling his victim: “I can love you more than your puppy ever will.”

Perwaze, who until he was charged in November worked as a police sergeant with Durham Constabulary, denies four counts of rape and 14 other charges relating to the girl — including five of indecent assault and four of sexual assault.
Sheffield Crown Court heard the girl had been “broken down” from constant attacks carried out on her by the 45-year-old after he began abusing her at the age of eight, the Northern Echo reports.

Simon Reevell QC, prosecuting, said: “By the time she was a young adult, she had quite literally been broken down by this man so he could use her for his sexual gratification because of the sexual attraction he had had for her since she was eight years old.“On the face of it he was a respectable police officer,” he said of Perwaze, who local media reports was tasked with forging closer links between police and immigrant communities alongside the regional “racial equality council” in 2005, when he also chaired the force’s Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA).
“He was clever and he was manipulative. He was violent towards her,” the prosecutor said, going on to read extracts from emails sent by Perwaze to his alleged victim.
“I can love you more than your puppy ever will,” he told the girl in one email, while in another one he said: “I will be the one person still there for you always.”
The abuse happened in two phases — the first spanning five years starting when his victim was eight, and beginning again when she was in his twenties, the jury heard.
He was also violent towards two boys from when they were each six years old until the age of 16, Reevell said, telling the court that one of the children was punched so hard by Perwaze he was “sent flying”, and beaten with a slipper to the point that he could not sit down.
The defendant, who was arrested after the girl eventually complained to police, also denies two charges of cruelty relating to the boys. He made no comment in interviews but produced four prepared statements which “amounted to absolute denials”, the prosecution said.