Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Almost 98% of gang rapists in Sweden have a migrant background

A study of 32 gang rape cases committed by 43 offenders, shows that almost all of them have a migrant background, Swedish newspaper Expressen reports.
The newspaper researched cases of the years 2016-2017, during which 43 offenders were sentenced. Statistics showed that 32 of the group were born in another country. Ten were born in Sweden with one or both parents born abroad and only one was born in Sweden with two parents who were also born in Sweden.
According to Expressen, 42 out of 43 sentenced offenders have a migrant background and 13 of them had not even reached the age of 18 at the time of the crime. Perpetrators of gang rape were on average 21 years old and 32 per cent were previously sentenced for other crimes in Sweden.
An expert believes that the immigrant background is not the explanation. “More people, still a minority of all immigrant groups, have risk factors that increase the risk of criminal behaviour regardless of whether they are immigrants or not”, professor Niklas Långström, said to Expressen.
Stina Holmberg, researcher at Sweden’s crime prevention unit Brå, says that “no new study on immigrant crime is needed”, although the last one was from 2005.
Since Sweden accepted hundreds of thousands of Third World migrants, rape statistics in the country have skyrocketed. Last year police in Malmö even advised women not to go out alone after dark because three gang rapes took place in a short period of time.

France Proposes Criminals Monitor Online Hate Speech as Part of Community Service

The French government is considering allowing convicted criminals to monitor social media for hate speech and cyberbullying as part of their community service.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe revealed the government’s new strategy to combat hate speech and anti-semitism online earlier this week, promising to fight hate speech and hold social media platforms accountable, French business magazine Capitalreports.While the number of “hate-incidents” declined in 2017, for the second year running, Prime Minister Philippe said the government still needed to address the growing rates of anti-semitic and anti-Muslim incidents.
Part of the government plan involves devoting more resources to the French Interior Ministry’s PHAROS programme which monitors illegal acts on the internet such as “paedophilia, incitement to racial hatred, terrorism, and scams using the internet”, according to the Interior Ministry website.

To aid PHAROS, the government is also considering assigning convicted criminals to various associations to also monitor and report hate speech.
The programme could have unforeseen consequences, especially when it comes to anti-semitic hate crimes, as reports in the past have shown the growth of radical Islam among prison inmates and other reports that claim up to 60 per cent of inmates are Muslims. Many Jews living in France have reported a growing number of attacks from extremist Muslims, forcing some to move elsewhere.
Anti-hate laws have been the subject of controversy in the UK over the past two weeks after several prominent right-wing personalities, including activist and journalist Lauren Southern and Austrian Identitarian leader Martin Sellner, were banned from entering the UK.
Sellner, who planned to give a speech in Hyde Park’s famous speaker’s corner, was detained for three days along with his girlfriend, author and political commentator Britanny Pettibone. Despite the ban, Sellner’s speech was read out at Hyde Park a week later by former English Defence League leader turned citizen journalist Tommy Robinson to a crowd of thousands of cheering supporters.

Earlier this week, Scottish Youtuber Mark Meechan, known online as Count Dankula, was convicted of hate speech charges after he trained his girlfriend’s dog to give the Nazi salute as a joke to annoy her.

Farage Leads ‘Furious’ Thames Fish-Flinging Protest at Parliament Against Brexit Deal

Brexit leader Nigel Farage has blasted “mad” European Union (EU) fishing rules at a protest on the Thames outside Parliament against the government’s “capitulation” on fisheries after Brexit.

The former UKIP boss was joined on Wednesday morning by pro-Brexit Tories, including MP for Aberdeen South Ross Thomson, at the demonstration against Theresa May’s decision to bow to EU demands for the UK to follow the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) for years after Brexit.
Leading Tory Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg watched from the river bank, explaining he had a committee meeting to attend later in the morning.
The protest was organised by Fishing for Leave, which explained in a statement that the terms of the so-called ‘transition period’ will, in fact, be worse for the fishermen than current arrangements, as they will remain bound by EU rules for two years with no say in setting them.
They added: “Fishermen are furious that, in having to obey EU rules but with no resource, the EU could implement and enforce detrimental legislation to cull what’s left of the British fleet along with abolishing current rules such as the member state 12-mile limit which protects inshore and shell-fishermen.”
Under European Union rules, British fishermen are compelled to throw much of their catch back into the sea — wasting tons of precious food — while European Union flagged ships are free to catch significantly more fish than British boats in British water. By throwing the already caught and dead fish into the ricer Thames, the protest hopes to hammer home this unnecessary and deeply damaging waste forced by EU rules to legislators and the public.

"This government doesn't have the guts" to take back control of our waters. @Nigel_Farage says "hundreds of fishermen could go bust" during the Brexit transition period
Mr. Farage has previously described regaining control of fisheries as the “acid test” for a successful Brexit, and even the Tory environment secretary Michael Gove indicated Tuesday he was disappointed with the “sub-optimal” deal.
From a fishing boat on the river, Mr. Farage told Sky News that, “anyone [who] criticises these fish being put back into the Thames, just go a few miles down the river, and you will see, every day, thornback rays being chucked back to rot on the seabed.”
“The whole thing is a disaster,” he blasted, before launching a pair of dead fish into the water in front of the House of Commons.
“The only thing we are missing is Bob Geldof,” he added, referring the pop singer who mocked pro-Brexit fishermen demonstrating before the referendum in scenes dubbed the ‘Battle of the Thames.’

The fish have been dumped in the Thames... @Nigel_Farage dropped a couple in and the drama is over here at Westminster. First of many protests to come by Fishermen. @GMB
Mr. Farage continued: “Promises were made, and they haven’t been kept. Secondly, we can talk about the fishing industry and jobs within it.
“The ludicrous situation is haddock stock in the West Country at the moment are very good indeed. Yet, the total allocation for haddock, the British fleet gets nine per cent.
“What it means is guys are going out fishing for other specifies, catching haddock because they can’t avoid them, and having to throw them back. It’s just mad – the whole thing.”
Fishing for Leave added: “The CFP forces British fishermen to discard half the fish they catch (the approximate equivalent of 1 billion fish portions), they then have to catch and kill more just to find the “right” species their quota allows them to keep.
“Brexit would have allowed a change to new UK policy of limiting time at sea in return for landing all catches so vessels catch less but land more allowing a bright future for fish, fishermen and coastal communities.
“Being trapped in the transition means being subjected to the EU discard ban where vessel will have to cease fishing on exhausting their lowest, most pitiful quota and will reluctantly go bankrupt.”
Mrs. May is currently leading a minority government, and a number of pro-Brexit and Scottish MPs have already threatened to rebel over this issues, which could stall the entire Brexit process.
The rebel Tory members of Parliament sent a letter to the Prime Minister this morning, making clear if the fishing issue was not resolved she could expect to have her Brexit bill defeated in Parliament — an act which could imperil the government. The Guardianreports an excerpt of the letter, which states:
The commission’s draft withdrawal agreement envisages that the UK will remain in the CFP during the implementation period but with no say over EU policy or annual quotas. The effect of ending discards during this period without compensating measures will be a further disaster for the UK’s already shattered fishing fleet, particularly for the inshore fleet, further eroding prosperity in vulnerable coastal communities. These demands are completely unacceptable and would be rejected by the House of Commons.