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LIVE: Anti-Merkel protest to take place in Prague

Ruptly will be LIVE from Prague on Thursday, August 25, as hundreds are expected to join a “Merkel must go” demonstration in the Czech capital.

Germany devises quick fix to thwart sexual assault

By Carol Brown 

Germany’s a mess thanks to Angela Merkel and others who breathlessly embrace those who wish to destroy the country – killing, raping, and wreaking all manner of havoc as they go. No matter how much violence Muslim imports heap upon the populace, immigration policy does not shift. The policy seems to be founded on the idea that the sooner the country can be destroyed, the better.
Go figure.
Among countless issues along the path to hell is that of rising sexual assault perpetuated by Muslim barbarians against German women and girls.
But not to worry. Germany has devised an answer to nip this escalating problem in the bud: temporary tattoos.
Yes, that’s right. Temporary tattoos are being placed on the arms of young girls in public swimming polls to fend off would be attackers. The terrifying tattoo says: “No!” The potentially life-saving message (/S) is bracketed by an image of angel wings.
If only Germans would realize that their new Muslim friends are more concerned with 72 virgins than angels, but that’s beside the point.
Is this insane? (Answer: Yes.)
And as a quick aside, Muslim colonizers in Germany are referred to as the “new citizens.” Gee, that was quick. They went from being “migrants” to “immigrants” to “citizens” in a heartbeat. Then again, as noted at the outset of this blog, Germany is in a rush to get her demise over and done with, so I guess it makes sense to get these barbarians on the citizen fast track.
But I digress.
The genius who came up with the tattoo idea is quick to point out that she doesn’t want her tattoo campaign to be associated in any way with migrants because, you know, there have always been problems with sexual assaults in swimming pools across Germany. Translation: I love dishonest moral equivalence and please, new citizens, don’t target me.
This dumbbell also said she hopes the tattoos will serve as an incentive for young girls to think about what is normal and what is abnormal interaction and what does or doesn’t need to be reported.
Right. Great. Put the onus on girls who just want to go swimming and have fun without having to worry about some Muslim goons trying to grope them. Or worse.
The Daily Caller reported that “[i]n July, a manager of 6,000 pools in Germany commented on the migrant sex assault epidemic” and that a leaked police report from one German city stated that “sexual offences are recording a huge increase” while singling out a “significant” uptick in “rape and sexual abuse of children at bathing establishments.”
But, but, but the tattoo brain said Germany has always had problems with sexual assault at swimming pools, well before “migrants” started arriving. Damn reality! It really messes with the leftist-Islam-apologist-cowardly-dhimmi meme.
Looping back to unreality and in closing: Who knew a person could fend off a sexual assault simply by having the word “no” written on their arm? Leave it to the left to figure it out, clever little lads and lassies that they are. (Or is it vads and vassies?)
Editor's note:
Richard Terrell offers his own commentary on effective methods:
Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs, UK Express

Arab Women Attack Austrian Police At Resort

Two Arab tourists attacked Austrian police at a popular resort where the officers were bitten, spat on and kicked. The village of Zell am See in Austria is a well known and important tourist destination just outside of Austria’s second largest city Salzburg. The destination has become increasingly popular with tourists from the Arab world in recent years as many describe the area as “visiting a fairy tale.”
The fairy tale atmosphere was broken this week for several Austrian police officers who responded to an altercation at a local bank between an employee and several Arab women. The police were attacked by the women as soon as they arrived on the scene reports Austria’s largest paper Kronen Zeitung.
According to reports, the altercation happened as the employee helped the women with a currency exchange. The Arab women, a 48-year-old mother and her 20-year-old daughter, began to verbally abuse the employee. The police were then alerted to the altercation and attempted to calm the situation down. As soon as they arrived the police were attacked by the women who bit them, spat on them and kicked them in the shins.
The mother attempted to slap the bank employee and spat on her. The pair even threw stones at the bank windows after they left the building. Police were able to arrest the mother, though she was set free after paying a security deposit to the authorities who then gave her conditional release.
Muslims in holiday resorts over the summer have made headlines several times for their behaviour toward fellow tourists. In France, the Islamic sharia-approved swimwear known as the Burkini has led to several incidents including one earlier this month when a number of North Africans attacked tourists who took pictures of women in the swimwear. The attack, which took place on the island of Corsica, led to a riot as local Corsicans came to the aid of the tourists and the situation escalated out of control.
Last month in France three children and their mother were stabbed at a holiday camp by a Moroccan Muslim who claimed he had done so because they were “scantily dressed.” All four of the victims had to be airlifted to a hospital in Grenoble due to the severity of their injuries which included a punctured lung in one of the young children.

Austrian Presidential Candidate Hofer To Campaign On Security Issues

by Chris Tomlinson

Freedom Party presidential candidate Norbert Hofer has launched his campaign for the re-run of the election, promising to keep Austrians safe from terrorism and the impact of mass migration. “Power Requires Control” is one of the new slogans for the populist Freedom Party (FPÖ) presidential candidate. His campaign team formally launched the new presidential election re-run campaign Wednesday revealing that Hofer would be pushing the issue of security.
The stance comes in the face of increased acts of terror in Europe and the increases in criminality from the migrant population in Austria. Hofer’s team, led by FPÖ MP Herbert Kickl, also took the chance to slam his October 2nd opponent Alexander Van der Bellen Die Presse reports.
The slogan “Power Requires Control” was used in a previous presidential election by former conservative president Thomas Klestil who was a frequent critic of the government during his term as Austria’s tenth president. The attitude of Hofer toward the current government is much in the same vein as he and FPÖ leader Heinz Christian Strache have repeatedly slammed the government for its migrant policies over the last year.
FPÖ MP Kickl, who headed the press conference that revealed the new campaign posters, said that the comparison to the previous conservative president wasn’t an attempt to bring over voters from the establishment party but rather a rallying cry to common sense. Kickl stressed that Hofer sees himself as “a necessary counterbalance to the power cartel,” of the European Union leadership in Brussels and the governments of larger countries like Germany and France.
Kickl also used the platform to lay into Hofer’s presidential rival Alexander Van der Bellen saying that the former Green party leader would just be an extension of the power of the European Union. Van der Bellen has long professed to be a Europhile and against the concept of strong nation states.
Kickl remarked that the posters of Van der Bellen in the countryside of his native Burgenland were insincere and that Van der Bellen and the Green party had as much to do with patriotism as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had to do with human rights.
Hofer, according to his campaign, is also looking more toward integration of foreigners into Austrian culture rather than Austrians accommodating other cultures. Kickl also mentioned that Van der Bellen would like to open up the jobs market in Austria to foreigners while the unemployment rate among Austrians continues to grow.
While he slammed Van der Bellen, Hofer’s campaign manager had some praise for conservative Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz who has called for a strengthening of asylum laws and like Hofer has criticized Turks who have protested in support of Turkish president Erdogan in the wake of the failed coup against him last month. Kurz demanded that Turks in Austria remain loyal to Austria or leave the country.
Early polls show that Hofer is leading Van der Bellen going into the October 2nd vote by several percentage points.

Terror Attacks Driving Up Gun Sales In Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic

Gun sales in Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic are rising and recent terror attacks across Europe are cited as a “general” cause behind the increase. Some of the recent attacks were perpetrated with firearms–consider Charlie Hebdo (January 7, 2015) and the Bataclan concert hall and other Paris locations (November 13, 2015). Other attacks were carried out with knives and/or machetes–consider London’s Leytonstone Station (December 5, 2015), Magnanville, France (June 13, 2016), and the attack on a priest in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (July 26, 2016). Still more attacks were carried out with unorthodox weapons–consider the truck attack in Nice (July 14, 2016), which took the lives of 84 innocents and left more than 200 others injured. And many other attacks could be listed.
The point is clear–Europeans face a danger that is no long external; perpetrators are among them and ready to attack at any time. And one of the results of these attacks, and the trepidation over future ones, appears to be a new appreciation for self-defense.
According to Reuters, a surge in gun sales is particularly visible in Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Hanspeter Kruesi–“a police spokesman in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen”–said, “There’s no official explanation for the rise [in gun sales], but in general we see a connection to Europe’s terrorist attacks.”
A 55-year-old Swiss resident who just bought guns for the first time in his life suggested the sense of insecurity created by the attacks was his motivation. Wishing to remain anonymous, the Swiss resident said, “Buying weapons for self-defense won’t protect you from terrorist attacks. Nevertheless these attacks are contributing to a subjective sense of threat, as is the rising pressure from migration and the high crime rate among migrants from the Maghreb.”
And Daniel Wyss–a gun shop owner and president of the Swiss Weapons Dealers’ Association–said, “Nobody says directly: I’m buying a gun because of the attacks in Nice or Munich. But the sum of these events has fostered a general feeling of vulnerability.”
In the Czech Republic, president Milos Zeman is actively encouraging gun ownership. Zeman told Nova TV, “Citizens should be able to arm themselves … in order to be able to act against these terrorists.”
Breitbart News reported that the Alternative for Germany party leader, Frauke Petry, is also defending private gun ownership as a necessary response to the Islamist threat throughout Europe. She stands against any action in Germany that would make it harder for law-abiding citizens to acquire weapons for self-defense.

Here comes AUXIT: Austrian election hinges on Brussels - with Eurosceptics SURGING ahead

THE AUSTRIAN presidential election looks to be decided by the country’s mixed views on the European Union (EU) - with the far-right, Eurosceptic candidate surging ahead. The run-off vote in October will pit two highly contrasting candidates against each other once again, following an initial vote in April and a first, annulled run-off vote in May. Former Greens leader Alexander Van der Bellen is running as an independent against Norbert Hofer, the candidate for the Freedom Party (FPO) - a Eurosceptic, anti-immigrant party that is gaining ground in the country. While Mr Van der Bellen won the first run-off, the FPO successfully appealed the decision following accusations of voters fraud. Mr Hofer had received 51.9 per cent of the initial result, not counting absentee votes - a total that was described as a “political earthquake”.However, after counting absentee votes for a the final total, Mr Van der Bellen edged in front with a controversial 50.3 per cent victory. Following a two week hearing, the country’s Constitutional Court found postal ballots were illegally handled in 94 of 117 districts. With the second run-off vote fast approaching, both sides are now planting their flags on either side of the EU divide - with the anti-EU approach seeming the be working in the FPO’s favour.With just weeks to go, the FPO are leading Mr Van der Bellen in the presidential polls. More importantly, the party are also polling first ahead of a parliamentary election to be held by 2018. Despite this, the former Greens leader is still strongly opposing a potential vote for Austria to leave the 28-country bloc - an Auxit, otherwise known as Oexit.Mr Van der Bellen said yesterday: “It's my firm conviction that any talk, even if just talk, speculating about the so-called Oexit is already harmful.” He said after his victory in May, which was later invalidated, he “received several spontaneous calls from Brussels and other capitals”.He said: “In English, one would say that a sigh of relief went through Europe.”

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Flanders President Invites UK To Join New North Sea Union To Rival EU

The president of Flanders, the Dutch-speaking north of Belgium, has said the UK could join a new North Sea union to link countries with common trading and energy interests after Brexit. Geert Bourgeois, the conservative leader of Belgium’s dominant and most populous region, said it would be a mistake to try to “punish” Britain after the Brexit vote.
He suggested that forming the new, rival block would be a creative way of turning Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) into a positive economic development.
Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, and Norway have been mentioned as possible members. A similar Mediterranean block was set up in 2008.
The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) brings together 43 countries from Europe and the Mediterranean Basin; 28 member states of the European Union and 15 in North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Europe.
“I am not proposing a new EU,” Mr. Bourgeois told the Telegraph.
However, he explained: “I can’t imagine a situation where we have more barriers on trade in both directions. You are our fourth biggest export market. It is in our mutual interest to find a solution, and the majority of the EU now agrees that anything other than a soft Brexit would have a huge cost”.
Adding: “We will be able to negotiate a trade agreement. It may be sui generis but it can be done.”
The bloc would promote an integrated energy infrastructure and common energy policies, which would hopefully drive down costs. It could also have a defence and security component.
“My idea is a light structure on an intergovernmental basis, like the Mediterranean Union”, continued Mr. Bourgeois.
“There are so many areas in which we can work together on the enormous potential of ‘blue industry’ in the oceans, whether it is pharmaceutical sector, health, or food production,” he said.

Germany Launches ‘NO!’ Temporary Tattoos to Stop Pool Sex Attacks


A new campaign in Germany’s Bodensee district plans to counter soaring levels of pool sex attacks with “empowering” temporary tattoos reading “NO!" The measure comes as police report an epidemic of pool harassment and assaults in the wake of the “migrant crisis”. Officials connected to the campaign deny it has any links to the migrant influx however, claiming the attacks are not a new problem.
The “cool” and “empowering” stick-on motifs feature “a clear NO! with strong angel wings and sharp claws” according to the district’s website.
Campaign literature describes them as a “temporary protection tattoo that you can apply onto your skin. lt means: ‘My body belongs to me!’”
The temporary tattoos are to be handed to young people alongside leaflets with information about pool etiquette as part of the “No! Not me!” campaign.
The colourful leaflets caution that while “swimming is great fun”, there are “moments which are not funny at all and simply wrong!”
Behaviours the brochure warns young people to watch out for are groping, attempts to remove other people’s swimwear and stealth filming of people in the changing rooms.
Veronika Wäscher-Göggerle, who launched the campaign, said: “I think many girls are insecure. What is normal in daily interactions and what should not be allowed and needs to be reported?
“Illustrations have been made available at swimming pools and should make this clear.”
Ms Wäscher-Göggerle denied the campaign is a response to an epidemic of sex assaults in Germany since the “migrant crisis” saw over a million people enter the country last year.
Wäscher-Göggerle, the district’s women and families commissioner, insisted: “We were not aware of an increase in attacks [since the influx of migrants]. In fact, it is so that there are issues in every society which one can not ignore, but which need to be addressed again and again”.
Joachim Heuser of the German Bathing Society also stressed that there is no link between the attack prevention campaign and the migrant wave. He claimed there has been no change in the situation with sexual assaults in pools since the “migrant crisis”.
Mr Heuser argued that migrants’ lack of experience with swimming is a much bigger problem, citing issues like estimation of water depth, access to correct swimwear and inability to swim.
A police report leaked last month revealed there has been a “huge increase” in the number of cases of rape and sexual abuse of children in German pools. The document recorded that “the perpetrators are for the most part immigrants”

German Drug Store Stocks Pepper Spray Due To Soaring Demand

  BREMEN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 25:  Cans of pepper spray stand on display in the shop window of a hunting and weapons store on February 25, 2016 in Bremen, Germany. Retailers across Germany have reported a surge in sales of self-defense means, including alarm pistols and pepper spray, since the New Year's Eve sex attacks and petty thefts at the Cologne main railway staiton.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
by Chris Tomlinson

One of Germany’s largest drug stores is now carrying pepper spray after the company claimed there had been a large demand from the public for the product. German pharmacy DW is one of the largest in the country and their shops can be found in every German city. The drug store carries over the counter drugs, basic beauty supplies and toiletries, but now it has been revealed that they are stocking a new line — pepper spray.
Next to the toothpaste and deodorant the pepper spray is advertised as “animal repellent” and while other drug stores are complaining, the German police are warning against the public use of the product reports Tagesspeigel.
According to the paper the pepper spray has been available online for months and has been in physical locations since the end of June. The cans of the substance, which is often used by police and by civilians for self-defence costs just over 5 euros for a can. CEO of DW Sebastian Bayer told German press that the product had been requested by many customers and that was the reason it appeared on the shelves.
“There was an increase in requests from customers who wanted to purchase the spray at a convenient location,” Bayer said and added, “We checked it out and decided to make the animal deterrent spray available in our stores.” According to Bayer there have been nothing but positive comments from customers for the chains decisions to stock the item.
In order to own pepper spray for the means of self defence in Germany a licence is required. Many of these licenses have been sought by everyday Germans following the massive sexual assaults that took place on New Year’s Eve in Cologne which also grant the licensee the ability to own certain firearms. The company selling the pepper spray announces on the label that the pepper spray is only meant to be used on animals, effectively circumventing the need for a license.
Drug store Rossmann, the main competitor to DW, reacted with horror to the news saying, “A pepper spray is basically a human repellent spray.” German police were also against the public buying the product saying that the pepper spray could lead the individual who owns it to put themselves in more danger because they have the confidence of being able to defend their person rather than deescalating the situation.
Leader of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany party Frauke Petry came out over the weekend to call on Germans to arm themselves in self defence against possible attackers in reaction to the recent terror attacks in Germany. “Many people are increasingly feeling unsafe.
“Every law-abiding citizen should be in a position to defend themselves, their family and their friends. We all know how long it takes until the police can get to the scene, especially in sparsely populated places,” Petry said.

Europeans In Exodus To Russian Facebook to Avoid Censorship

 by Chris Tomlinson

Germans who are critical of Islam and mass migration are fleeing to the site VK, known as the Russian Facebook to avoid censorship of their remarks and possible raids on their homes. Free speech in Germany has come under fire in recent months with an increasing amount of Germans being arrested jailed or fined for what the German state considers hate speech online. The German government has even enlisted the help of social media giants like Facebook to track down posts that are critical of Muslims or of mass migration
Now more German internet users are flooding to Russian Facebook equivalent VK network to avoid the censorship reports Die Welt.
Once more known for being a favourite hangout for European political fringe groups, VK network has become the last bastion for many Germans who simply want to express their displeasure with the ongoing migrant crisis without fear of their comments being taken down or VK alerting police.
While it is currently unknown how many Germans are using the service several high profile leaders in the anti-Islamisation PEGIDA movement like leader Lutz Bachmann and former member Tatjana Festerling, have accounts on the site. According to VK their user-base worldwide is around 90 million individuals.
Both Bachmann and Festerling have had their problems with free speech in their native Germany. Bachmann was tried and convicted earlier this year for comments he had made on his personal Facebook page calling migrants various names in the wake of crimes perpetrated by migrants last year.
Festerling may also have trouble with the German authorities who are reportedly looking into charges over her trip to Bulgaria in which she joined a vigilante group to help track down any potential illegal migrants crossing the border from Greece and Turkey.
The mass migration to VK is largely in reaction to the policies of German justice minister Heiko Maas who last year worked with social media companies to remove offensive speech online. Maas and his ministry work with various organisations including the Amadeu Antonio foundation who are headed by a former East German Stasi agent named Anetta Kahane.
Kahane and Maas have been the subject of several protests by the hipster-right wing Identitarian youth movement who showed up at the offices of the Amadeu Antonio foundation dressed in Stasi uniforms asking if they could speak with “Comrade Kahane.”
The hacker group known as “anonymous” leaked the connection between the Justice Minister and Kahane earlier in the year and had their Facebook shut down as a result. They became one of the first migrant crisis critical groups to have made the migration to the Russian site where they now boast tens of thousands of followers.

"Allahu Akbar" Stabbing has Nothing To Do With Religion

The media is describing the Muslim terrorist as a French man. Because if it's anything the French are known for, it's shouting "Allahu Akbar". and stabbing random non-Muslims.
A French national allegedly shouted “Allahu akbar” during and after a stabbing attack that left a British woman dead and another Briton fighting for his life at a backpackers hostel outside of Townsville last night.
Possible extremist motivations for the attack are now being investigated by Queensland Police and the Australian Federal Police, with the man yet to be questioned by investigators.
Queensland Police Service Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said the 29 -year-old French man shouted the phrase following the attack at the hostel at Home Hill, south of Townsville, but police had not determined whether the incident was terror related.
Who knows. Maybe the "French" stabber was expressing his Francophonic distaste of Brits by shouting Allahu Akbar.
“While this information will be factored into the investigation, we are not ruling out any motivations at this stage, whether they be political or criminal,” he told reporters in Brisbane.
“Investigators will also consider whether mental health or drug misuse factors are involved in this incident.”
Yes, no possible excuses will be ruled out here.
Queensland Police Minister Bill Byrne described the stabbing attack as “tragic and disturbing”.
“Right now our thoughts are with the victims’ family and friends and the close knit community of Home Hill,” Mr Byrne said.
“I have been briefed by the Police Commissioner on the incident and I remain in contact with him as the investigation unfolds
“As said by Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski today, the investigation is still in its early stages and more details are expected to become clear as it progresses.
“It is important that the public understand this is not about race or religion. It is individual criminal behaviour.
Absolutely. It has nothing to do with religion. Not a thing. Allahu Akbar is the sort of thing secular people say when stabbing someone in the name of Allah.

Hillary poised to shut down Breibart

By Carol Brown  

No one in America can afford to think that _______ won’t happen here. Because the unthinkable is happening, with no end in sight. And if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she will take the final steps to destroy this country in ways we can’t even imagine. Not that we have to imagine since Clinton is giving us clues.
The Daily Caller reports on a fundraising email from Christina Reynolds, Clinton’s communications director. The fundraiser notes that while the conservative media may not express ideas the campaign agrees with, such media has a right to exist (sort of; and, gee, thanks).
I doubt they actually believe that anyone who disagrees with them has a right to exist, but they need to inch their way forward into hell bit-by-bit, dragging us all along with them. And as they drag us along, we find that the conservative-media-has-a-right-to-exist meme has at least one exception (more, no doubt, to follow): Breitbart News has been singled out as an entity that, apparently, does not have the right to exist.
“Breitbart is something different,” she says. “They make Fox News look like a Democratic Party pamphlet. They’re a different breed altogether — not just conservative but radical, bigoted, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic conspiracy peddlers who never have been and never should be anywhere near the levers of power in this country.”
One of the goals of Clinton’s campaign, Reynolds says, is to ensure Breitbart is destroyed.
“It goes without saying that we have to beat these people. But I want to beat them so decisively that their kind never rises again,” she says.
Reynolds’ aggressive attack was sparked by Republican nominee Donald Trump’s decision to shake up his campaign by bringing on Breitbart executive chairman Stephen Bannon to serve as his campaign CEO.
And just how will we be beaten “so decisively?” And how will the left ensure our “kind” never rise again? And who is our “kind?” And how will Breitbart (and inevitably others) be destroyed? And how will Americans react? And how will reactions be tolerated (or not)?
And so on.
We are teetering on the edge of a precipice. I pray that God has not removed his hand from America.

France: The Religious War Few Wish to Face

The remains of St. Denis, the patron saint of Paris, who was decapitated in the year 250 during the brutal pagan persecution of Christians, lie north of the French capital in the basilica that bears his name.
The church is historically noteworthy as the first proper work of Gothic architecture, a style influenced by the Crusades. The basilica is now a rarely visited Parisian landmark, lying as it does within the profoundly Islamized enclave of Seine-Saint-Denis.
"You Christians, you kill us," were the words of the ISIS knifeman who slit the throat of 85-year old Father Jacques Hamel. The elderly priest officiating at the altar of the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray -- a mere three kilometres from the centre of Rouen in Normandy -- was slain on July 25, as the two terrorists also took nuns hostage. The terrorists were then shot by police.
On August 5, police swept down on a man shouting "Allahu Akbar" ["Allah is the Greatest"] on the Champs-Élysées, the famous central thoroughfare of the capital of France. Video of the arrest shows passers-by: veiled Muslims, tourists, and presumably indigenous French men and women.
Both of these incidents, when aligned with recent mass outrages across France, including the Bataclan Theatre slaughter on November 13, and the mass carnage caused by a jihadist plot in Nice on July 14, point to a startling reality.
Despite the rhetoric by the government of Prime Minister Manuel Valls on removing dual nationality from those guilty of terrorism offences and closing extremist mosques (20 of France's 2,500 alleged mosques have been closed down to date), the violent consequences of jihadism are a daily reality and concern stalking the heart of most French metropolitan districts.
At 7.5% of the population, Muslims in France make up the highest concentration of Muslims of any country in Europe, according to Pew Research.
For decades, those warning of the inevitable consequences of mass Muslim immigration, during a time in history when Islamic fundamentalist doctrine was on the rise worldwide, have been maligned, prosecuted, imprisoned or assassinated.
With the security infrastructure now proving inadequate to cope with the sheer scale of enthusiasm for religious war amongst those Islamists born in France, and those able to enter the country -- thanks to the open border policies of the EU -- the threat continues to increase day by day.
Close to the Champs-Élysées, which runs between the Louvre museum and the Arc de Triomphe, lies the official residence of the president of France.
Presently occupied by the Socialist François Hollande, who closely courted the Muslim vote to gain power in 2012, many French people are looking towards the presidential elections scheduled for April and May 2017, to provide a new occupant of the Élysée Palace in the form of Marine Le Pen.
Le Pen leads the Front National, a party with deeply disturbing roots in the form of its anti-Semitic founder Jean-Marie Le Pen (father of Marine Le Pen), who in the wake of the Bataclan attack called for the return of the guillotine.
The form of execution made infamous during the French Revolution preceded successive Republics in France that were rigorously antithetical to the inclusion of religious matters in political affairs.
Until a few years ago, the unique recipe for secularism adopted by the French seemed able to guarantee the assimilation of the country's burgeoning number of Muslims, something now, by criminal and terrorist activity in the country, proven a resolute failure.
People in France intimately link the ascendancy of the Front National with the increased incidence of terrorism in France, given the rigorous unwelcoming line the party has taken on Islamic immigration.
In response to the Nice massacre, in which a Tunisian resident of France named Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel ploughed a truck into revellers enjoying fireworks, the leader of the Front National called for the resignation of the French Interior Minister.
"In any other country in the world, a minister with a toll as horrendous as Bernard Cazeneuve -- 250 dead in 18 months -- would have quit," she added.
Marine Le Pen also went on to excoriate, "the same old solemn declarations," from France's present government, which appear to follow every terrorist outrage -- a situation that led Le Pen to remark:
"The war against the scourge of fundamentalism hasn't started, it must now be declared. That is the deep wish of the French, and I will put all my energy so that they are finally heard and the necessary fight is finally undertaken."
In a telling move, the president of the regional council of Nice, Christian Estrosi, added to the chorus of criticism of the government. He questioned whether, despite being in a state of emergency, France had either the policing numbers or expertise to face its terror threat.
After a cascade of terrorist massacres that began with the slaughter of the staff of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on January 7, 2015, the most terrorism-scarred country in Europe has erupted into successive outpourings of grief. Now, admits Time magazine, this grief is turning into anger.
In order for the Front National to prove successful at next year's Presidential Elections, it will need to defeat the other right-wing force in France, and survive through two rounds of voting.
The Union pour un mouvement populaire party (UMP) is led by former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who exclaimed after Nice that, "Someone who shoots at French people, someone who kills, someone who wants jihad, does not have a place in France."
Yet, for many, as the president of France from 2007-12, Sarkozy bears significant responsibility for creating the conditions in which fundamentalism was able to take root and prosper in France.
If Le Pen proves the eventual victor in the next presidential elections in France -- a nation increasingly focused on religious affairs, occasioned by the country's radically altering demography -- a significant change in its political direction will undoubtedly arise.
The election results might signal the beginning of the end for laïcité, the long-held French principle of strict prohibition against religious influence in the determination of state policies.
A rising star of the Front National is Marion Marechal-Le Pen, Marine Le Pen's niece, who has stated that, "Christians must stand up to resist Islam." The 26-year old has also urged her fellow countrymen to join the military adding that, "Either we kill Islamism or it will kill us."
In response to the Nice massacre, 2,500 young French people have joined the nation's reserve forces.
A conservative Catholic favouring the "traditional family," Marion Marechal-Le Pen has repeatedly spoken of "true French" identity, and demanded that Muslims adopt values rooted in Christianity, according to the BBC.
Echoing her niece's views, Marine Le Pen erupted in fury at the sight of French riot police dragging a priest and his congregation from the church of St Rita in Paris on August 3, prior to its scheduled demolition to make way for a parking lot.
"And what if they built parking lots in the place of Salafist mosques, and not of our churches?" she said.
It is not necessary to speculate about the scenes on French streets that would result from similar footage if the same treatment were meted out to an imam and his congregation.
A new focus on religious minority issues in France, in the fraught desire to create some sort of harmonious balance in an increasingly divided nation, seems probable.
How successful such efforts are likely to be, however, remains to be seen.

German GDP Growth Slows Dramatically In Second Quarter 1 0

Germany’s economy, Europe’s largest, grew by 0.4 percent in the second quarter, federal statistics office Destatis said in data released on Wednesday. Gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 0.4 percent between April and June, adjusted for seasonal, calendar and price effects — slower than the unexpectedly strong 0.7 percent expansion in the first quarter.
 Breitbart London

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Swedish Gun Control Works, Muslims Forced to Use Grenade

Gun control works. Unfortunately irrational gun-loving Americans refuse to recognize that we should be more like Europe. Take Sweden for example.
A few weeks ago, Vox ran a story boasting, "Sweden may have the answer to America’s gun problem".
How's that answer working out? Great.
Muslims in Sweden have so much trouble getting guns that they have to settle for throwing around grenades.

An eight-year-old killed after a grenade exploded in an apartment in Sweden was reportedly a schoolboy from Birmingham.
The boy was visiting family in Gothenburg when the blast - linked to a gangland feud - hit their third-floor apartment around 3am on Monday, Swedish police said. He died of his injuries on the way to hospital.
The youngster was named in reports as Yuusuf Warsame, a pupil at Nelson Mandela Primary School in Sparkhill, Birmingham.
His father, Abdiwahid Warsame, confirmed his son had died in the grenade attack, which is being treated as murder by Swedish police
But it turns out that they can get guns too.
Two people died and eight were injured in the shooting at a restaurant at the Vårväderstorget square in the Biskopsgården area of Gothenburg in the evening of March 18th last year.
Customers had gathered at the pub called 'Vår Krog Och Bar' to watch a Champions League game when masked gunmen burst in at around 10.20pm firing automatic weapons.
"It was a pure massacre," prosecutor Johan Udén told the court on the final day of the two-month trial.
Five men had been charged with murder, but only 28-year-old Adam Abdulahi and 25-year-old Ahmed Warsame were handed a lifetime sentence at Gothenburg District Court on Monday morning.
Gun control. It works.

Germany: If We Ban The Burqa, We’ll Have To Ban Father Christmas Too

The German regional interior minister who shot to prominence over his alleged role in the failure to handle, and subsequent cover-up of the Cologne New Year’s Eve migrant rape attacks has spoken out against Germany introducing a French-style Burqa ban, saying to do so would mean banning all religious clothing — including Santa Claus outfits. Ralf Jäger, interior minister of migrant crime-hit German state North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) made the remarks amid intense discussion in Germany following calls by the national interior minister Thomas de Maiziere  for a partial burqa ban.
The left wing politician rejected the rationale for banning the Islamist garment, and said it was purely motivated by right-wing parties trying to shore up their poll positions. Speaking on Bavarian radio, Jäger said: “A burqa ban brings no security, but [is driven] only by election campaigns in some [German] states”, reports Focus.
Continuing his point, the minister said that if the German state was going to ban the burqa, it would have to ban “people that dress up as Santa Claus” as well. It may be that the popular Christmas-time costume’s bushy white beard would offend, in Mr. Jäger’s view, any prohibition against religious face coverings.
Mr. Jäger made it clear he was against the ban in any case. While he told radio he believed the wearing of the burqa by Muslim women was a “sign” that their community displayed a “lack of integration” into German community, he disagreed that the burqa was a security risk.
Breitbart London has reported at length on NRW interior minister Jäger, who was fast to pin the responsibility for the Cologne New Year’s Eve sex attacks — which saw over 1,000 people molested, raped, assaulted, and robbed — onto police.
The interior minister fired the chief of Cologne police, forcing him to take earliy retirement, in a move he said was to restore public faith in city policing. However, it was later revealed that police chief Wolfgang Albers had foreseen trouble for the night, and had appealed directly to Jäger’s Interior ministry for extra officers to help patrol the city. That request was turned down.
Further revelations from a leaked cache of confidential emails and between the state government and local police showed how the Interior ministry had attempted to cover up the attacks. One message showed “a request from the ministry” that police reports were to “cancel” the use of the word “rape” when dealing with the events.

50 Afghans Brawl, Attack Police In Famous Vienna Park

Over 50 Afghan migrants fought among themselves and with police in one of the Austrian capital’s most famous parks and the site of several past migrant crimes. Police were alerted to a massive fight between Afghan migrants at the Venidiger Au, a park across the street from Vienna’s famous Praterstern amusement park over the weekend. In the late hours of Friday night the migrants attacked each other in the small park and when police tried to calm the situation the migrants attacked them as well.An amateur martial artist also helped authorities and was lauded on social media for helping the authorities
An amateur martial artist also helped authorities and was lauded on social media for helping the authorities reports Kurier.
Just after 11pm on Friday night amateur martial artist Florian Klapetz witnesses the start of the mass brawl between the migrants. Through an acquaintance he was able to call the police who arrived on the scene shortly after.
When police arrived the migrants, who witnesses say numbered at least 50, began to also attack the officers. Mr. Klapetz offered his help to the police who he said looked upon him as a colleague.
An eye witness described the scene noting that 38-year-old Klapetz had gone up against the Afghans by himself saying, “The guy went off alone against this group.” The witness noted that many of the Afghans then began to flee the scene. Several dozen police arrived a short time afterward and arrested 16 migrants on suspicion of assault and battery.
Vienna police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer said that during the ordeal only one or two of his officers had been injured and that of those injured their wounds were very minor.
While Florian Klapetz was lauded by many on the internet some criticised him for his actions. Responding to his critics he amateur martial artist said, “I want to make it clear straight away that it would not have mattered to me if there were Austrian, Liechtenstein or even Afghans. Courage is a must. Nevertheless, I would recommend to others, to be careful to act.”
The Praterstern area of Vienna has become increasingly more dangerous as a result of the influx of migrants over the last year and is a favourite hot spot for migrants to congregate.  Earlier this year in January the area was the scene of a brutal rape of an Austrian girl by an Afghan migrant and had to be rushed to hospital.
In April another young woman was raped at the Praterstern by several migrants from Afghanistan while she was using the toilet. The incident sparked outrage among Austrians and some claimed helped Freedom Party candidate Norber Hofer win the first round of the Austrian presidential elections which was voted on only two days later.  Hofer will once again face off against pro-migrant rival Alexander Van der Bellen on October 2nd after the results of the second round of voting were annulled due to large scale issues with postal ballots.

Migrants Set Fire To Asylum Centre While Smoking Hookah Pipe

Two migrants set fire to their asylum accommodation in Germany after smoking a hookah water pipe which resulted in the hot coal setting the home ablaze. An asylum home in the German town of Gößweinstein in Upper Franconia has been completely destroyed. The fire that cause the destruction of the asylum home is said to have been started by a pair of Syrian migrants who had been smoking a middle eastern water pipe, known as a hookah. The hookah, which uses hot exposed coals is said to have started the fire which led to an evacuation of the asylum home reports Die Welt.
the fire, which erupted in the early hours of Saturday morning has left the eight asylum seekers who lived there without a home. According to police all eight migrants, including three children were able to escape the fire before anyone was seriously injured. Over 200 emergency personnel from fire fighters to police and paramedics were needed on the scene due to the severity of the fire and to prevent it from spreading to nearby buildings.  Authorities have estimated that the total cost in property damage could amount to more than 100,000 euros.
Authorities say that the fire first started in a storage area on the ground floor. Two Syrian migrants were suspected of starting the fire and arrest warrants were issued for the pair.
Once arrested each had a conflicting story as to what happened. Police had first suspected possible “xenophobic” motives behind the blaze. Breitbart London has previously reported that many of the so-called “xenophobic attacks” on asylum homes are as little as a rock thrown at a window or a “propaganda attack” in which anti-migrant slogans are posted on the buildings.
Police have confirmed that they suspect the two Syrians of arson due to negligence and unlike many migrants who commit crimes they will not be released before their trial.
Breitbart London reported on a high profile case of arson  by migrants that occurred earlier this year in Dusseldorf. The migrant who set fire to his asylum is understood to have done so because he had not been woken up in time to eat before fasting for Ramadan. During the Ramadan holiday Muslims must fast during daylight hours and many eat before sunrise as well as at night.
Another arson at an asylum home earlier this year in Germany appeared to be a more clear cut case of right-wing extremism. An asylum home that was burned down in Bingen am Rhein was found to have had swastika graffiti on the walls. Investigators later discovered that the man who carried out the arson was in fact a Syrian asylum seeker who had planted the swastikas on the walls to frame neo-Nazis and fool the police.

Austria Considers Terminating Asylum Status Of Criminals

The Interior Minister of Austria has announced he wants to see tougher laws on asylum seekers including the stripping of asylum for the committing of criminal offences. Interior Minister of Austria Wolfgang Sobotka has put to bed any doubt that he will go easy on criminal asylum seekers. Sobotka, who earlier this year took the reigns from former Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner, announced that he wishes to see an increased toughness on asylum seekers who commit crimes.Sobotka, of the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), said that the government should even consider stripping asylum seekers of their claims if they commit crimes
A minister of the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP),he said the government should even consider stripping asylum seekers of their claims if they commit crimes reports Die Presse.
Speaking to Austrian media the Interior Minister said, “The question is whether someone who is violating the law automatically loses the status of asylum in a final conviction. For me that would be a conceivable measure, it is necessary to consider it.” When asked by the press what kind of crimes would qualify for the loss of asylum status Sobotka answered, “There must be proportionality.If anyone desires asylum and he has a final conviction, it’s clear to me that we have to stop the asylum procedure.” Sobotka added that such a law would apply to those in the process of seeking asylum as well as those who had already been approved.
“If anyone desires asylum and he has a final conviction, it’s clear to me that we have to stop the asylum procedure.” Sobotka added that such a law would apply to those in the process of seeking asylum as well as those who had already been approved.
Interior Minister Sobotka joins with his ÖVP colleague  and Austrian foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz in the new harder line toward illegal migrants and asylum seekers who commit crimes. Kurz in particular has been in the forefront of calling for more planning for future waves of migrants.
He stirred controversy in Europe after suggesting that migrants could be processed on Greek islands in the same way as Australia processes asylum seekers. “Whoever boards a boat and tries to enter Europe illegally has ruined his chances of gaining asylum in Europe and will be sent back,” he said.
The announcement of Sobotka was met with criticism from the pro-migrant Green Party. Spokeswoman for the Greens Alev Korun said that the tightening of the rules wouldn’t make any difference and that the suggestion was, “neither reasonable nor helpful.” Former Green party leader and present Presidential candidate Alexander Van der Bellen said earlier this year that migrants were “an opportunity” for Austria and soundly rejected Kurz and Sobotka’s ideas.
Van der Bellen will face off against anti-mass migration Freedom Party (FPÖ) candidate Norbert Hofer once again on October 2nd after the results of the last election in May were annulled. Hofer’s party are supportive of the tougher measures with leader Heinz-Christian Strache expressing that he was glad the ÖVP had started to emulate the positions of the FPÖ.

Merkel urges Turkish-rooted residents to be loyal to Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel urged people with Turkish roots who are longtime German residents to be loyal to Germany, while pledging in comments published Tuesday also to listen to their concerns. Merkel's comments come during a tense period in German-Turkish relations and amid concerns that domestic political arguments in Turkey could spill onto German streets. Ankara was angered by the German Parliament's vote in June to label the killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks a century ago as genocide. It also has bristled at criticism of the scope of its crackdown following a coup attempt, and complained of a lack of support from the West. Germany is home to roughly 3 million people with Turkish roots. "We expect of people of Turkish origin who have long lived in Germany that they develop a high degree of loyalty to our country," Merkel was quoted as telling the daily Ruhr Nachrichten. "We try to have an open ear for their concerns and to understand them," she added, noting that the government "keeps in close contact with immigrant organizations." On July 31, up to 40,000 people rallied in Cologne to denounce the failed coup in Turkey and show support for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. That show of support, though it was peaceful, caused unease among some in Germany. With two state elections due next month and a national election next year, some politicians in Merkel's conservative bloc have advocated a rethink of rules approved in 2014 — at the insistence of Merkel's center-left coalition partners — that made it easier for immigrants' children to hold dual citizenship. The change largely affected Germany's Turkish community. Merkel said that everyone who lives in Germany enjoys freedom of opinion and freedom to demonstrate, but they must deal with differences of opinion peacefully. While her current coalition has eased rules on dual citizenship, she already has said that she won't go any further toward liberalizing them.

Despite Extra Security, Sex Attacks Double at Swedish Festival

 by Virginia Hale

Despite a big increase in police presence, the number of sex attacks at a popular Swedish music festival in 2016 has more than doubled from last year’s figure. At We are Sthlm, Sweden’s biggest youth festival, police say there have been 50 reports of sexual harassment. The figure for the five day festival is more than double the 21 recorded last year.
Writing on Facebook about the festival, Gothenburg-based journalist Joakim Lamotte expressed dismay at conditions there and confessed to feeling worried for his daughter’s future.
Mr Lamotte noted that while there is more surveillance and security than ever at the outdoor festival, girls have not been protected from groping. The writer reported that young girls he interviewed testified that large numbers of men “paw at them”, and a number of teens cried having just been “sexually harassed by several guys in front of the stage”.
Police expelled from the festival or took into custody 60 people for offences such as theft and knife crime. Police spokesman Mats Eriksson emphasised there was a larger police presence at the festival than ever before as well as more surveillance cameras and increased lighting.
The police report notes that all the attackers were foreign, with Afghanistan and Morocco particularly well represented among those caught for sex offenses.
Police spokesman Mats Eriksson told reporters: “The difference this year is that we have a greater presence on the ground, not only police officers but also security guards who are in the environment.”
Olga Persson of women’s shelter charity Unizon said men and boys should be targeted with anti-rape messages. Ms Persson said women have been talking about rape and sexual assault for fifty years and that boys need to be held to account.
Svenska Dagbladet reported that the majority of the victims were aged between 15 and 17.
Sweden regards itself as a “humanitarian superpower”, and the nation of less than 10 million people takes in more than 100,000 migrants each year. A Turkish newspaper last week warned travelers against flying to Sweden, warning that the Nordic country has an incredibly high rate of rape.
Last month Breitbart London reported that at Bravalla, Sweden’s largest music festival, police recorded nearly 40 sex attacks including five rapes. The perpetrators are thought to be foreign men.

Turkey's Exhausting Zigzagging Between East and West

Turkey has been a republic since 1923, a multi-party democracy since 1946, and a member of NATO since 1952. In 1987, it added another powerful anchor into the Western bay where it wanted it to remain docked: It applied for full membership in the European Union (EU). This imperfect journey toward the West was dramatically replaced by a directionless cruise, with sharp zigzags between the East and West, after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Islamist AKP party came to power in 2002. Zigzagging remains the main Turkish policy feature even at this day.
Until the summer of 2015 Turkey was widely known as the "jihad highway," because of its systematic tolerance for jihadists crossing through Turkey into neighboring Syria to fight Erdogan's regional nemesis, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Turkey supported various jihadist groups in the hope that they would help Ankara unseat Assad. Then, under pressure from its NATO allies, it decided to join the U.S.-led, international campaign to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Syria. Feeling betrayed, ISIS started to blow up Turkish cities.
At the end of 2015, Turkey risked tensions with Russia in order to advance its pro-Sunni Islamist agenda in Syria. Russia, together with Iran, provided the lifeline Assad needed to stay in power while Turkey stepped up its anti-Assad campaign. In November, Turkey once again zigzagged toward the West when it shot down a Russian military aircraft, citing the violation of its airspace along its border with Syria. Turkey also threatened to shoot down any Russian aircraft that might violate its airspace again. It was the first time in modern history that a NATO ally had shot down a Soviet or Russian military airplane.
An angry Vladimir Putin, Russia's president, imposed punishing economic sanctions, which cost the Turkish economy billions of dollars. Turkey started zigzagging again. In July 2016, Erdogan apologized for downing the Russian plane, and in August he went to Russia to shake hands for normalization. Once again, Russia is trendy for the Turks, and the West looks passé.
Erdogan and his men are now accusing NATO and, in particular, the United States, of roles in the failed July 15 coup, which they claim is linked to a reclusive, U.S.-based Islamic scholar, Fethullah Gulen. According to Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Isik, NATO should sit down and think where it went wrong in response to the coup attempt in Turkey. According to Turkey's justice minister, Bekir Bozdag, the United States would be sacrificing its alliance with Turkey to "a terrorist" (Gulen) if it refuses to extradite him.
Turkey's newfound love affair with Russia will inevitably have repercussions in Syria, and that pleases Iran. "Not only will Turkey have to 'digest' that [Russian-Iranian-Syrian] line, it will have to join it, entering into a pact with Putin and the ayatollahs. Clearly, this is where Erdogan has decided is the best place to pledge his allegiance," wrote Meira Svirsky at The Clarion Project. There are already signs.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Turkey and Russia have similar views on the need for a ceasefire in Syria, the provision of humanitarian aid, and a political solution to end the crisis. That must have caused shy smiles in Moscow: the Turkish John Wayne on his knees begging to work on Syria only months after he threatened to shoot down any Russian aircraft and kick the Russians out of Syria. Now Turkey is calling on Russia to team up and carry out joint military operations in a bid to crush ISIS in Syria.
After the last Turkish zigzag, Turkey and Russia found where they converge: Putin accuses the West of violating agreements by expanding NATO to Russia's borders and fomenting unrest in nearby Georgia and Ukraine, while in Turkey, the pro-Erdogan media accuses the U.S. of orchestrating the coup. There are more alarming signals from Ankara. Cavusoglu, the foreign minister, said that Turkey may look outside NATO for defense cooperation.
Fuad Kavur, a prominent London-based film director and producer, described the Turkish zigzag in a private letter (quoted with permission):
"Erdogan's recent manoeuvrings remind me of how Hitler hoodwinked the West. Until four days before he invaded Poland, the West, ever sleepwalking, were utterly convinced Hitler was going to attack USSR, because he had come to power on an anti-Communist ticket. The West had a rude awakening only when, on 23 August 1939, Von Ribbentrop signed the Non-Aggression Pact with Molotov; and on Sept. 1, Hitler took half of Poland. Few days later, Stalin took the other half.
"What is the moral of the story? Until a few weeks ago, the West was comfortably day-dreaming that, despite his foibles, Erdogan was a staunch U.S. ally and an eager EU candidate. After all, had he not, only recently, downed a Russian jet? Then, suddenly, what do we see? Putin and Erdogan kissing and making up ... It is a matter of 'my enemy's enemy...'"
From the beginning, Russia was too big for Turkey to bite. A few billion dollars of trade losses and friendly reminders from Western allies that Turkey should keep up to better democratic standards were sufficient to get Ankara kneel down -- and perform another act of zigzagging. This, in all probability, will not be the last such act.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sharia UK: Muslim jumps out of his car to knock out Muslim for hugging his girlfriend

This is the Britain Tony Blair, David Cameron, and Theresa May have made. This is the Britain of the future, a Sharia Britain, thanks to all there who have stigmatized opposition to jihad and mass Muslim migration as “bigotry” and “Islamophobia.”
Michael Coe
“Muslim convert ‘attacked schoolboy for cuddling his girlfriend,’” Court News UK, August 22, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
An Islamic convert jumped out of his car to knock out a Muslim schoolboy for hugging his girlfriend in the street, a court heard.
Michael Coe, 35, attacked the 16-year-old near Upton Park tube station in East Ham and then threw teacher Boutho Siwela to the ground when he tried to intervene.
Coe asked the cuddling couple if they were Muslim before calling the girl a whore and grabbing the boy around the neck, it is said.
Jonathan Polnay, prosecuting, said: ‘It is about what started as, we would say, unpleasant bullying with religious overtones in the street.
‘It was followed by an attack by this 35-year-old man on a 16-year-old schoolboy followed by a further assault on a teacher, a nearby bystander, who went to come to his aid when he saw what was going on.
‘The first one is more serious than the other, we say, because it caused some injury.
‘It was an older man completely unjustifiably losing his temper and laying hands on a 16-year-old boy.’
Mr Polnay said the teenager and his girlfriend were on the pavement cuddling when Coe pulled up in his car.
‘They had the misfortune, we would say, of all people to drive by was this defendant.
‘They are strangers to each other.’
Coe pulled over and said: ‘Let that schoolgirl go,’ the court heard.
He added: ‘How would you like it if your sister was cuddling?’
The teenager assured Coe that he and his partner were the same age, jurors heard.
He told Coe his sister ‘Does what she pleases.’
Coe then asked the pair if they were Muslim and they lied, claiming they were not, the court heard.
He added: ‘Why am I wasting my time with you if you are not Muslim?’ the prosecutor added.
Coe called the girl a whore and when they boyfriend took offence he grabbed him around the neck.
‘That’s the last thing that he remembers because next thing he woke up on the floor and he was bleeding,’ Mr Polnay said.
The prosecutor described the alleged attack as ‘unpleasant and utterly unwarranted’.
‘This is a grown man on a child – on a 16-year-old.’
At this point Mr Siwela intervened having seen the incident, jurors heard.
‘As he sees the defendant, Mr Coe, get back into the car he thinks: ‘I had better take a photograph’.
‘The defendant was not having that because he gets out and he comes over to Mr Siwela saying give me that phone.’
Coe then grabbed the teacher and threw him to the floor, jurors heard….

Europe on the brink of COLLAPSE as 'divorce' is needed to prevent economic doom

THE European Union is on the brink of imploding, destroying the Euro and causing economic doom, according to a Nobel Prize winning economist.Joseph Stiglitz thinks Brexit changed the face of the Eurozone, leading to overt criticism of the common currency and making the overall break-up of the Union more likely. Italy could prove to be the next nation to leave the Brussels bloc, according to Mr Stiglitz, a former chief economist at the World Bank and senior advisor to president Bill Clinton. The country’s banks are weighed down by more than £300billion of bad debt but cannot be bailed out under EU rules unless creditors take a financial cut first. Embattled prime minister Matteo Renzi says he will resign if he loses the October referendum on constitutional reform, which could allow the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, which has promised the public it will hold a vote on whether or not to remain in the Euro.The expert says an “amicable divorce” must be considered to avoid a “political cataclysmic event like Brexit”. In his new book, 'The Euro: How A Common Currency Threatens the Future of Europe' Stiglitz also advises Germany and Greece should pull out as member states. Mr Stiglitz said: “In other words, the Eurozone’s member countries are democracies and one sees increasing hostility to the Euro, which is unfortunately spilling over to a broader hostility to the broader European project and liberal values. “That’s going to be the end.”Despite only coming into operation in 1999, the quality of the Eurozone has been called into question on numerous occasions, especially following the Great Recession. Eurozone countries were not able to devalue their currency to remain competitive on the international market during the crisis, meaning the ever closer union with member states had terrible consequences for the financial state of the continent. Mr Stiglitz said: “What’s going to happen is that there will be a definite consensus that Europe is not working. "The diagnosis will be to shed the currency and keep the rest, or that Europe is not working and a broader rejection — like in the UK.”Stiglitz gave his warning as leaders of the EU's three biggest countries met for crisis talks in Lazio to discuss saving the Brussels project from unravelling after Brexit. Italian Prime Minister Mr Renzi invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande to Ventotene, a tiny island off the coast of Naples, to discuss their strategy ahead of next month's summit of all nations.Stiglitz gave his warning as leaders of the EU's three biggest countries met for crisis talks in Lazio to discuss saving the Brussels project from unravelling after Brexit. Italian Prime Minister Mr Renzi invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande to Ventotene, a tiny island off the coast of Naples, to discuss their strategy ahead of next month's summit of all nations. The summit in Ventotene is the first in a number of intense meetings of talks between European leaders, who will now push for a response to Brexit. As Britain gears up to trigger Article 50 to begin the official break the member states must begin to piece together their place in the divorce.

Colin Powell: Hillary's 'People Have Been Trying to Pin' the Email Scandal 'on Me'

In an interview with the New York Post on Sunday, former Secretary of State Colin Powell accused Hillary Clinton's team of trying to blame him for the Democratic presidential nominee's email scandal.
"Her people have been trying to pin it on me," Powell told the Post. Last week, the New York Times reported a story from journalist Joe Conason, whose upcoming book Man of the World: The Further Endeavors of Bill Clinton includes an account of Powell advising Clinton to use a private email account. Powell has repeatedly said he has no recollection of the event, but he did email Clinton about his email practices as secretary of State. Hillary Clinton reportedly also pointed to Powell's email practices when questioned by the FBI.
"The truth is she was using it (her personal email) for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did [during my term as secretary of state]," Powell told the Post. This should invalidate any attempt to pin Clinton's use of a private, home-brew server on Powell and his advice.
When asked why Clinton's team was attempting to blame him, Powell reportedly said, "Why do you think?" If Hillary can pin her email practices on Powell, not only do they seem less reprehensible, but she can say, "Look, the Republican did it first!"
But there are many key differences between Powell's use of a private server (through the company AOL), and Clinton's dangerous employment of a home-brew server operated out of her home in Chappaqua, N ew York. The Clintons employed outside contractors to set up the server, leaving it extremely vulnerable to hacking. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that due to this setup, foreign powers like the Russians and the Chinese likely hacked into Hillary's emails.
Also, while Powell did receive two emails with classified information (retroactively classified at the lowest level of classification), Clinton's server included at least 1,600 classified emails, some at the most sensitive level of intelligence, the beyond-top-secret SAP classification. Indeed, the State Department has determined that as many as 29 emails had information too sensitive to release in any form, even with redactions.
The Post mentioned a few of these crucial distinctions. "Powell did not have a server at his house or use outside contractors, as Clinton did, the Times reported. Plus the rules governing electronic communication got more strict during Powell's time in office and Clinton's."