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EXCLUSIVE PICS: ‘Child’ Migrants Arrive in UK Covered by Blankets

Immigration officials accompanied towel-shrouded ‘child refugees’ arriving in the UK today, after photos of new arrivals sparked a row over the true age of migrants earlier this week.

Photographers were unable to shoot the migrants as they arrived at Croydon immigration centre this afternoon, raising suspicions the Home Office was attempting to shield themselves from press scrutiny.
The migrants were welcomed by a small group of cheering, pro-mass migration activists holding ‘Refugees Welcome’ signs.
Calais refugee children arrive in Croydon
Calais refugee children arrive in Croydon
The migrants were divided into two groups as they stepped off the bus, with an immigration official at the scene telling journalists “the second groups have requested that they don’t have pictures taken”.
“…No pictures, no cameras. It’s their request. They’re children,” he added. The migrants who were uncovered did appear to be younger than 18.
All but one of the ‘child’ migrants arriving in the UK from France this week, in accordance with a new loophole in immigration law, have been male. Many have looked much older than 18, with one eliciting attention in the media for his wrinkled, aged appearance.
Pro-mass migration charities, activists, and celebrities – including Gary Lineker, David Schneider, and Caroline Criado-Perez – yesterday claimed the wrinkled man was, in fact, an interpreter.
Calais refugee children arrive in CroydonCalais refugee children arrive in Croydon
However, the Home Office told the Guido Fawkes blog that the man was not an interpreter and sources claim he is indeed a ‘child’ migrant.
It was also reported yesterday that around two-thirds of the ‘child’ migrants screened by Home Office officials in the past have been found to be adults.
A shocking 65 per cent of all the ‘children’ who had their age scrutinised were found to be over 18 according to Home Office figures collected in the year to September 2015.
In that period, 590 asylum applicants had their age disputed and of those, 574 were recorded as having an age assessment. Of the 574 refugees checked, 371 were found to be adults.
Calais refugee children arrive in Croydon
Calais refugee children arrive in CroydonCalais refugee children arrive in Croydon

USC-LA Times poll shows Trump slightly ahead and rising, Hillary falling

By Thomas Lifson 

Throughout the election, the USC Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election Poll has been an outlier, showing Trump more favorably than other polls, often by substantial margins. It uses a radically different design, and is intended in particular to show trends. The poll describes itself as a
…pioneering approach to tracking changes in Americans' opinions throughout a campaign for the White House. Around 3000 respondents in our representative panel are asked questions on a regular basis on what they care about most in the election, and on their attitudes toward their preferred candidates. The "Daybreak poll" is updated just after midnight every day of the week.
The poll this morning shows Trump has reversed his decline and is ahead by a statistically insignificant fraction of one percent, 44.4% to 43.8%. But look at the trends:
The consensus throughout the media rooting for Hillary to win (95% of them) is that Trump is over, done, and needing a fork stuck in him as soon as possible. But nobody has a clue as to what turnout will be this time. Nobody knows how much vote fraud  there will be.
If unenthusiastic Hillary supporters believe she will win, they may not bother to vote. And if new voters flock to support Trump, the turnout models used bvyt he polls, based on past experience, may be worthless.

Germans Leaving Germany 'In Droves'

by Soeren Kern
  • More than 1.5 million Germans, many of them highly educated, left Germany during the past decade. — Die Welt.
  • Germany is facing a spike in migrant crime, including an epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults. Mass migration is also accelerating the Islamization of Germany. Many Germans appear to be losing hope about the future direction of their country.
  • "We refugees... do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave Germany. And please take Saxony and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) with you.... Why do you not go to another country? We are sick of you!" — Aras Bacho an 18-year-old Syrian migrant, in Der Freitag, October 2016.
  • A real estate agent in a town near Lake Balaton, a popular tourist destination in western Hungary, said that 80% of the Germans relocating there cite the migration crisis as the main reason for their desire to leave Germany.
  • "I believe that Islam does not belong to Germany. I regard it as a foreign entity which has brought the West more problems than benefits. In my opinion, many followers of this religion are rude, demanding and despise Germany." — A German citizen who emigrated from Germany, in an "Open Letter to the German Government."
  • "I believe that immigration is producing major and irreversible changes in German society. I am angry that this is happening without the direct approval of German citizens. ... I believe that it is a shame that in Germany Jews must again be afraid to be Jews." — A German citizen who emigrated from Germany, in an "Open Letter to the German Government."
  • "My husband sometimes says he has the feeling that we are now the largest minority with no lobby. For each group there is an institution, a location, a public interest, but for us, a heterosexual married couple with two children, not unemployed, neither handicapped nor Islamic, for people like us there is no longer any interest." — "Anna," in a letter to the Mayor of Munich about her decision to move her family out of the city because migrants were making her life there impossible.
A growing number of Germans are abandoning neighborhoods in which they have lived all their lives, and others are leaving Germany for good, as mass immigration transforms parts of the country beyond recognition.
Data from the German statistics agency, Destatis, shows that 138,000 Germans left Germany in 2015. More are expected to emigrate in 2016. In a story on brain drain titled, "German talent is leaving the country in droves," Die Welt reported that more than 1.5 million Germans, many of them highly educated, left Germany during the past decade.
The statistics do not give a reason why Germans are emigrating, but anecdotal evidence indicates that many are waking up to the true cost — financial, social and cultural — of Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to allow more than one million mostly Muslim migrants to enter the country in 2015. At least 300,000 more migrants are expected to arrive in Germany in 2016, according to Frank-Jürgen Weise, the head of the country's migration office, BAMF.
Mass migration has — among many other problems — contributed to a growing sense of insecurity in Germany, which is facing a spike in migrant crime, including an epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults. Mass migration is also accelerating the Islamization of Germany. Many Germans appear to be losing hope about the future direction of their country.
At the height of the migrant crisis in October 2015, some 800 citizens gathered at a town hall meeting in Kassel/Lohfelden to protest a unilateral decision by the local government to set up migrant shelters in the city. The President of Kassel, Walter Lübcke, responded by telling those who disagree with the government's open-door immigration policy that they are "free to leave Germany at any time."
This attitude was echoed in an audacious essay published in October 2016 by the newspaper Der Freitag, (also published by Huffington Post Deutschland, which subsequently deleted the post). In the article, an 18-year-old Syrian migrant named Aras Bacho called on Germans who are angry about the migrant crisis to leave Germany. He wrote:
"We refugees... are fed up with the angry citizens (Wutbürger). They insult and agitate like crazy.... There are always these incitements by unemployed racists (Wutbürgern), who spend all their time on the Internet and wait until an article about refugees appears on the Internet. Then it starts with shameless comments....
"Hello, you unemployed angry citizens (Wutbürger) on the Internet. How educated are you? How long will you continue to distort the truth? Do you not know that you are spreading lies every day? What would you have done if you were in their shoes? Well, you would have run away!
"We refugees... do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave Germany. And please take Saxony and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) with you.
"Germany does not fit you, why do you live here? Why do you not go to another country? If this is your country, dear angry citizens (Wutbürger), then behave normal. Otherwise you can simply flee from Germany and look for a new home. Go to America to Donald Trump, he will love you very much. We are sick of you!"
In May 2016, the newsmagazine, Focus, reported that Germans have been moving to Hungary. A real estate agent in a town near Lake Balaton, a popular tourist destination in western Hungary, said that 80% of the Germans relocating there cite the migration crisis as the main reason for their desire to leave Germany.
An anonymous German citizen who emigrated from Germany recently wrote an "Open Letter to the German Government." The document, which was published on the website Politically Incorrect, states:
"A few months ago I emigrated from Germany. My decision was not for economic gain but primarily because of my dissatisfaction with the current political and social conditions in my homeland. In other words, I think that I and especially my offspring may lead a better life somewhere else. 'Better' for me in this context is primarily a life of freedom, self-determination and decent wages with respect to taxation.
"I do not, however, want to close the door behind me quietly and just go. I would hereby like to explain in a constructive way why I decided to leave Germany.
1. "I believe that Islam does not belong to Germany. I regard it as a foreign entity which has brought the West more problems than benefits. In my opinion, many followers of this religion are rude, demanding and despise Germany. Instead of halting the Islamization of Germany (and the consequent demise of our culture and freedom), most politicians seem to me to be more concerned about getting reelected, and therefore they prefer to ignore or downplay the Islam problem.
2. "I believe that German streets are less secure than they should be given our technological, legal and financial opportunities.
3. "I believe that the EU has a democratic deficit which limits my influence as a democratic citizen.
4. "I believe that immigration is producing major and irreversible changes in German society. I am angry that this is happening without the direct approval of German citizens, but is being dictated by you to German citizens and the next generation.
5. "I believe that the German media is increasingly giving up its neutrality, and that freedom of expression in this country is only possible in a limited way.
6. "I believe that in Germany sluggards are courted but the diligent are scourged.
7. "I believe that it is a shame that in Germany Jews must again be afraid to be Jews."
Many Germans have noted the trend toward reverse integration, in which German families are expected to adapt to the customs and mores of migrants, rather than the other way around.
On October 14, the Munich-based newspaper Tageszeitung published a heartfelt letter from "Anna," a mother of two, who wrote about her decision to move her family out of the city because migrants were making her life there impossible. In the letter, addressed to Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter, she wrote:
"Today I want to write you a kind of farewell letter (Abschiedsbrief) about why I and my family are leaving the city, even though probably no one cares.
"I am 35 years old, living here with my two young sons and my husband in an upscale semi-detached house with parking. So you could say we are very well off for Munich standards.... We live very well with plenty of space and next to a green park. So why would a family like us decide to leave the city? ....
"I assume that your children do not use public facilities, that they do not use public transportation, and that they do not attend public schools in "problem areas." I also assume that you and other politicians rarely if ever go for walks here.
"So on a Monday morning I attended a neighborhood women's breakfast that was sponsored by the City of Munich. Here I met about 6-8 mothers, some with their children. All of the women wore headscarves and none of them spoke German. The organizers of the event quickly informed me I will probably find it hard to integrate myself here (their exact words!!!). I should note that I am German. I speak fluent German and I do not wear a headscarf. So I smiled a little and said I would try to integrate myself. Unfortunately, I brought a salami and ham sandwich to the breakfast, to which everyone was asked to bring something. So of course I had even less chance of integrating.
"I was not able to speak German to anyone at this women's breakfast, which is actually supposed to promote integration, nor was anyone interested in doing so. The organizers did not insist on anyone speaking German, and the women, who appeared to be part of an established Arab-Turkish group, simply wanted to use the room.
"I then asked about the family brunch.... I was advised that the brunch would be held in separate rooms. Men and women separately. At first I thought it was a bad joke. Unfortunately, it was not. ....
"So my impression of these events to promote integration is miserable. No interchange takes place at all!!! How can the City of Munich tolerate such a thing? In my view, the entire concept of these events to promote integration must be called into question.... I was informed that I am not allowed to include pork in my child's lunchbox!!! Hello?! We are in Germany here! ....
"In summary, I find conditions here that make me feel that we are not really wanted here. That our family does not really fit in here. My husband sometimes says he has the feeling that we are now the largest minority with no lobby. For each group there is an institution, a location, a public interest, but for us, a heterosexual married couple with two children, not unemployed, neither handicapped nor Islamic, for people like us there is no longer any interest.
"When I mentioned at my son's preschool that we are considering moving out of the city and I told them the reasons why, I was vigorously attacked by the school's leadership. Because of people like us, they said, integration does not work, precisely because we remove our children. At least two other mothers have become wildly abusive. The management has now branded me "xenophobic."
"This is exactly the reason why people like me lose their patience and we choose to vote for other political parties.... Quite honestly, I have traveled half the world, have more foreign friends than German and have absolutely no prejudices or aversions to people because of their origin. I have seen much of the world and I know that the way integration is done here will cause others to come to the same conclusion as we have: either we send our children to private schools and kindergartens, or we move to other communities. Well then, so long!!!!!!!!!!!"

Locals Sent to Back of the Queue as Social Housing Given To New Immigrants

Politicians in Enköpings have this week approved a proposal which will allow the local government to reserve all available apartments owned by the municipal property company for migrants. Swedes on the waiting list for housing in the locality are going to have to to queue for considerably longer than they expected because in the coming months, most vacant apartments owned by Enköpings Housing Rentals (EHB) will be assigned to migrants granted residence permits.
“We are in a tough position because there are very many people who are looking for housing, but we have an obligation to provide housing for newly arrived refugees,” Social Democratic Party councillor Helena Proos said.
Enköping has been searching for accommodation since March this year when a law requiring all municipalities accept and provide housing for migrants came into effect.
The local government has issued appeals asking private homeowners to give up their properties for newcomers, but little interest has been shown so far, the Enköpings Mail reported.
Before the change of rules in Enköpings, EHB was only required to offer the municipality up to five per cent of the apartments that they rent out each year.
Under the new directive, the local government will be able to claim all of them. The region’s mayor, Peter Lund, told the Mail that although the municipality has been given the ability to seize all available EHB apartments for migrants, he doesn’t believe this will be necessary in practice.
Helena Proos noted that in the coming months most will have to be given to migrants, but explained that there will be regular meetings between the municipality and the EHB to discuss who will move into apartments that become vacant.
“If, for example, EHB is releasing a brand new apartment building, then it is not fair for the municipality to claim every single apartment. Something like that could negatively affect integration in Enköpings,” the left wing politician said.
Acknowledging that fast-tracking migrants for apartments means that people who have been stuck on the waiting list for EHB housing are going to have to wait longer as a result, Proos said, adding: “I understand that there are those who will be disappointed.”
Sweden is experiencing chronic housing shortages as a result of the country’s generous asylum and migration policies over the last decade.
Breitbart London reported in July that Sweden will need to build nearly half a million new homes in the next five years just to cope with surging migrant demand. This is equivalent to requiring a whole new city the size of their capital, Stockholm, by 2020.

The Western Intelligentsia and the Islamist Threat: Turning a blind eye to the dangers within.

Currently, the West is being confronted with foreboding challenges by Islamic States and Islamist groups of one kind or another, all of which view Western democracy and the Western way of life with abhorrence. Perversely, no matter how provocative and despicable the behavior and pronouncements of such entities, the general response of the prevailing Western intelligentsia and some of their governments ranges from sheer indifference and/or disbelief to a search for offenses committed by their own countries in “provoking” an anti-Western animus and, finally, to the actual proffering of assistance to the Jihadists.
While the majority of individual Muslims in the West are decent, law-abiding citizens, the nature of their communal structures and leadership gives rise to concerns that are briskly swept under the carpet. Many, if not most, mosques are officiated by imams trained abroad in madrasas that inculcate a belligerent attitude to Western values and lifestyles, which, in turn, gives rise to Islamic extremism. To the Muslim communities’ credit, Islamist groups have usually been small in size, drawing on only a limited number of active adherents. The Islamists do, however, pose serious security threats and are potentially capable of inflicting appreciable harm.
What compounds the problem is the fact that too few Muslim community leaders are genuinely utterly and unequivocally appalled by any manifestation of Islamic terrorism, no matter who the slain and injured happen to be. In the wake of the slaying on October 2, 2015, of a NSW police department employee by a young Muslim gunman, the Grand Mufti of Australia rationalized the incident as being due to “racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitization, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention.”[1] Needless to say, the Grand Mufti made no reference to any features within his own Muslim community that could possible engender terrorism.
Such an analysis chimes in with the prevailing views of left-inclined intellectuals who assume that, in the West, Muslims are invariably victims of racism and Islamophobia. What deeply troubles the intellectual elite is that even the slightest disapprobation of any feature of Muslim society is taken as a breach of the spirit of multiculturalism, calling into question the notion that all cultures and societies are equally valid and are entitled to respect. Of all communities, the intellectual elite are particularly protective of and sensitive to the needs of the Muslim one, which they perceive to be especially exposed to wanton discrimination and harassment. One might add, that in virtually all advanced countries, the Muslim community is a strong supporter of left-wing parties and is ardently wooed by them.
The intellectuals’ fantasy of practically all Muslims in the West being hounded by hostile bigots is one that is widely shared but not well substantiated. In the United States the FBI disclosed that of the 1,149 anti-religious hate crimes committed in 2014, only 16.1% were directed against Muslims. By contrast, 56.8% of such offenses were inflicted on Jews without causing any disquiet whatsoever in left-wing or liberal circles.[2] In France all religious-based murders of Jews have been carried out by Muslims and in the wider Western community members of the general public have lost their lives in indiscriminate Islamist outrages perpetrated in New York, San Bernardino, London, Madrid, Paris, Brussels  Orlando and Nice. If truth be told, within the West, it is mainly non-Muslims rather than Muslims, who have been encountering loss of life and limb as a result of hate crimes instigated by Islamist fanatics. However, whenever an act of Islamic terrorism occurs, Western political leaders regularly deny that such deeds are in anyway linked to Islam.
If the Western elite are reluctant to concede that murderous actions have and are being undertaken by terrorists deriving direct inspiration from the Koran, it should come as no surprise that they also tend to turn a blind eye to other unsavory modes of behavior practiced in Muslim circles. Take the case of female genital mutilation that, according to the World Health Organization, has been inflicted on “more than 200 million girls and women alive today,” including Muslim women living in Western countries.[3] In the UK, for instance, hospitals treat at least fifteen cases per day.[4] Although female genital mutilation has been illegal in the UK since 1984, there has yet to be a single conviction. One would have thought that the feminist movement would have risen in protest against such practices, but with few notable exceptions, such as the organization Womankind Worldwide, Western feminists have generally manifested complete indifference. As far as an icon of the feminist movement, Germaine Greer, is concerned, attempts to outlaw the practice amount to “an attack on cultural identity.”[5]
Likewise, there is a general lack of concern and even cover up of the plight of women molested in the West by Muslim men. The situation is currently most acute in Germany and Sweden where the police, government and media make every effort to suppress reports of such incidents. Typically, the victim is blamed for either walking alone at night or wearing what in Muslim eyes are provocative clothes. Jacob Augstein, a columnist for the German magazine Der Speigel, would have it that migrants who assault German women and children are simply rebelling against German power structures for they are inferior to their victims in “language, nationality, education, social status, wealth, legal certainty and self-confidence.” Germans who dare to criticize such assaults are racists.[6]  
Sadly, not only adult women have been targeted, but so too have girls, some as young as nine. It has recently been disclosed that, over a period of sixteen years, in the UK city of Rotherham, more than 1,400 girls had been routinely sexually assaulted by Muslim gangs. But in fear of being “labelled as racist,” both the police and the Rotherham City Councilors turned a blind eye to the transgressions.[7] What all this boils down to is that normally decent people guided by the tenets of multiculturalism vigorously upheld by the tyranny of political correctness, would far sooner jeopardize any care and protection of vulnerable female children than be seen by “decent society” to be casting aspersions on any segment, good or bad, of the Muslim community. 
As deplorable as is the process of turning a blind eye to or tolerating Islamic behavior at variance with Western values, nothing is more egregious than Western radicals actually allying themselves or showing sympathy with Islamic Jihadists. On September 21, 2001, in Britain, a country depicted by the Economist as being “the heartland of the leftist-Muslim partnership,”[8] a formal alliance was formed between extreme leftists of various hues with the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) linked to the international Muslim Brotherhood. (The MAB’s spokesman, Azzam Tamimi, had expressed to the BBC his personal willingness to become a suicide bomber.)[9] What makes for such an improbable association between ardent atheists and religious fanatics is their common detestation of open Western democracies, of capitalism, of Jews and of America and Israel in particular. Rather than rallying the West to overcome Islamic terror, the Western intelligentsia would have their countries tamely accept a growing swell of Muslim migrants from whose ranks Islamists could draw upon. On January 30, 2016, a Green Party stalwart, Dr. Stefanie von Berg, in addressing the Hamburg City Council, declared: “Our city will change radically. I hold that in 20, 30 years there will no longer be a German majority in our city … And I want to make it very clear, especially to those right wingers. This is a good thing.”[10] If such a supine acceptance of the undermining of indigenous Western populations continues, Western civilization will be overthrown not but superior military might but by a lack of will on the part of the West to withstand threats to its existence.
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Swedish City to Offer Returning Jihadis Free Housing, Driving Lessons, and Debt Forgiveness


Jihadis with Swedish passports who return from fighting with Islamic State in the Middle East will be offered taxpayer-funded driving lessons, housing, and even debt cancellation.

Several municipalities in Sweden are making plans for how they plan to “re-integrate” returning jihadis as Iraqi and Kurdish soldiers launch an offensive on Islamic State’s terrorist stronghold, Mosul.
The conclusion of authorities in the medieval city of Lund, which has dealt with returning fighters before, is that defectors from the Salafist supremacist terror group should be handled in the same way as those who leave the organised crime scene.
Practical support in such a situation entails the state first evaluating the needs of returning jihadis, before helping them with housing, employment, and day-to-day welfare as it rules necessary.
Municipal coordinator against extremism Anna Sjöstrand said: “There may be criticism, but [I think] that you should get the same help as others who seek help from us. We cannot say that because you made a wrong choice, you have no right to come back and live in our society,” Sjöstrand told Sveriges Radio.
Sjöstrand and the city are backing a report from the National Coordination Against Violent Extremism which advises on how terrorists can be “reintegrated” into Swedish society with the help of state funding.
The report’s author, Christoffer Carlsson, told Sverige Radio: “It’s a straight question of economic and material affairs. It you are to reintegrate back into the job market, you may need to have a driving license, debt forgiveness, and housing.
“When people leave [extremist groups], they want to start something else, but if they don’t have the resources to do it, it will be difficult for them to make it a reality.”
Without such support paid for by Swedish taxpayers, Carlsson insisted “there is a great risk [jihadis] will be unable to leave the extremist environment and fall back into it”.
Sveriges Radio reports that the cities of Borlänge, Malmö, and Örebro in Sweden are also considering taking Carlsson’s recommended approach with fighters who return.
Örebro’s municipal government came under fire at the beginning of the year for offering internships and training to two men who’d fought with Islamic State in Syria. The pair chose to return to Syria, where they were killed in battle.
Magnus Norell, a researcher specialising in the Middle East and terrorism, says authorities should not treat Islamism in the same way as other kinds of extremism, warning that failure to punish terrorists who return will encourage people to continue traveling for jihad.

“Islamic extremism is now the most dangerous threat, and require much more determined action by politicians and authorities”, he told Axess TV following the terror attacks in Paris last November.

Germany: The influx of Middle Eastern refugees from anti-Israel countries and anti-Semitic cultures

[...] The question has arisen today as to whether Germans now over-identify with the Holocaust, causing them to see Jews only as spectral victims, instead of fellow Germans living among them. It’s been suggested that there has been an over-saturation of Holocaust education, and that it might be time to stop the ever-present discussion.
Then again, it may not at all be time to stop.
“Germans & Jews” was completed before the current influx of more than a million Middle Eastern refugees into Germany. One cannot wonder what a future sequel to this film might be like, taking into account that a significant percentage of Germany’s foreign-born population now comes from anti-Israel countries and anti-Semitic cultures.
read more

Germany: Restaurant employee says he doesn't serve Jews

Via Berliner Morgenpost:

Two antisemitic incidents against Israeli tourists in Berlin.

1. Two security guards for the S-Bahn were checking an Israeli tourist on Tuesday morning. When they saw his ID, they made antisemitic comments to him.  The security guards were described as 'Mediterranean'.

2. An Israeli tourist ordered coffee at a fast-food restaurant in the Mitte borough.  A restaurant employee refused to take his order saying "I don't serve Jews" (In English).  The employee finished his shift before police arrived.

AfD Slams Church Inaction over Violence Toward Christian Asylum Seekers

A member of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has slammed church leaders over the recent report of Christians being attacked in German asylum homes. AfD board member Paul Hampel slammed Christian churches in Germany following a report by Christian charity Open Doors, which uncovered that since May there were over 700 cases of violence and threats toward Christians in German asylum homes.
In a press release on Tuesday, Mr. Hampel blamed churches for what he said was a total inaction to deal with persecution within homes and instead focusing on what he called “Islamic education in Germany”. The AfD member singled out Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, a leader within the protestant Lutheran church in Germany, and Catholic Cardinal Reinhard Marx.
Cardinal Marx has been critical of anti-mass migration campaigners following the migrant crisis last year when over one million of people from the Middle East and North Africa traveled to Europe. He labeled the Christian Social Union’s proposed tougher policies on border control and illegal economic migrants as “scary”, and warned that the growing popularity of the AfD was leading to a rise in nationalism across Germany.
Speaking out against the statement made by many church leaders that “Islam belongs to Germany”, Mr. Hampel said: “No, these Muslims simply do not belong to Germany. Violent asylum seekers should be immediately deported.”
“It is absurd that Bedford-Strohm evidently wants more Muslims employed in the public debate, but is silent on the violence against Christians. No wonder his faithful droves turn their backs and leave the Church,” he said.
Mr. Hampel went on to add that if the church leaders regarded themselves as protectors of the church and of Western values then they would be “ringing the church bells in alarm” over the new report, rather than remaining silent on the matter.
The Open Doors study referenced by Mr. Hampel showed that the perpetrators of violence, threats, and sexual abuse against Christians in German asylum homes were predominantly Muslim migrants. Some Christians even reported that the Muslim guards at the asylum homes had attacked them.
Such reports had led to suggestions that Christians and other minorities should be placed in separate asylum accommodations for their safety.

Female Journalist ‘Raped by Armed Migrants’ in Calais Camp

A translator and journalist of Afghan origin making a film about child sexual abuse in the Calais migrant camp has been robbed and raped at knifepoint by three migrants. The horrific attack happened the morning after the UK began importing migrant youths from the camp.
The unidentified woman was working as a translator for a French film crew when she was robbed and held up. As her and her colleague were threatened with blades, one of the migrants raped her.
The victim, a 38-year-old originally from Afghanistan, was acting as an interpreter for a 42-year-old male reporter. They were attacked in the early hours of Tuesday morning at the entrance to the camp.
The pair lost equipment and went straight to a hospital after the attackers escaped, where the woman was treated and the crimes reported.
Judicial sources said police had collected DNA evidence of the rape and that the three UK-bound attackers are believed to be from Afghanistan, La Voix du Nord reports.
Prosecutor Pascal Marconville, in nearby Boulogne-sur-Mer, told the newspaper: “The victim was examined by a forensics doctor, who confirmed the rape… Samples have been taken to try to determine the genetic profile of the rapist.”
He said the attackers were “still at large”, and that everything was being done to find them.
Just yesterday, a gang of migrants near the camp attacked a British television crew, with over 20 individuals using sticks, stones, and knives to repel the men.
Sky News reporter Mark Stone said: “We spotted them and filmed briefly, but then two dozen turned up.
“Rocks were thrown followed by a sustained attack with knives and sticks until we reached our car – cut, bruised, and without one of our cameras.”
The French government has promised the notorious Jungle camp is to be demolished in the coming weeks, and there is now a rush to either persuade migrants to accept refuge in France or find a way to get them into the UK.
Over the summer, the population of the camp surged to more than 10,000 and the number of violent incidents has shot up as migrants become more desperate in their attempt to enter the UK.
Police declared parts of Calais “no go zones” after dark, and migrants have caused vehicles to crash, left logs on the road, thrown rocks off bridges, and set fire to undergrowth.
Drivers have also been attacked, beaten with bats, stabbed, and even threatened with chainsaws.

Germany: 19-year-old Muslim migrant RAPES 90-year-old grandmother coming home from CHURCH

There is a danger of becoming inured to the daily diet of horror and depravity. Then along comes something that shocks one to the core.
A 90 year old woman finishes her act of worship in a local Dusseldorf church and is then dragged off in broad daylight and raped.
Police have arrested a young Moroccan migrant. It is said DNA is the key evidence.
You may well cherish and treasure a lady of a similar age – mother, grand mother or great grandmother. Our senior citizens deserve to be free from fear – open borders will not deliver that freedom.
“They despise our country and laugh at our justice,” Chief of the German police union Rainer Wendt
Hillary promised to increase this supremacist, violent migration by 550%.
“Migrant arrested in Germany after 90-year-old grandmother rape while returning from church,” By Jon Rogers, The Express, October 17, 2016:
GERMAN police have arrested a 19-year-old Moroccan migrant on suspicion of raping a 90-year-old woman who had been attending a church service.
Dusseldorf police announced on Sunday that they had arrested the man after they had launched a search for the assailant after the daylight attack on the grandmother.
The elderly woman had left in the church in the heart of the German city centre on October, 2, when the assailant pushed her into a narrow alley between two pubs.
In the alley, which is usually closed off to the public and used for storing rubbish from the pubs, the perpetrator is said to have demanded money from the woman before sexually assaulting her.
Dusseldorf police were able to construct a likeness of the suspect after a police officer recognised the man at a trains station.
Local media reported that the DNA of the man, a Moroccan migrant who had previously lived in Spain, matched the traces found at the crime scene.
According to reports the man had been previously arrested for robbing a teenager in May this year.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Germany: Muslim opens fire in crowded hair salon, then takes hostage

Regional police spokesperson Ulrich Braun said: “This may be a crime of passions.”
Yes, those usually involve opening fire indiscriminately in crowded places, and taking hostages.
“‘Turkish’ gunman opens fire in packed hair salon leaving several seriously injured,” by Patrick Christys, Express, October 18, 2016 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
A GUNMAN opened fire in a crowded hair salon leaving one person with life threatening injuries before barricading himself into a nearby apartment, taking a woman hostage.
Heavily armed police arrived at the scene and discovered one man was already dead and a woman was critically injured – she has been airlifted to hospital.
The shooter, understood to be a 27-year-old Turkish man, is believed to have fired indiscriminately into the bustling hairdressers’ shop in Dueren, Germany.
Witnesses report the gunman entered the salon, shouted at a woman and then opened fire, leading regional police spokesperson Ulrich Braun to say: “This may be a crime of passions.”
German police say the attacker fled the scene and holed himself up in a nearby apartment, taking at least one person hostage.
Emergency services swarmed on the scene and stormed the building where they found one man, believed to be the shooter, dead.
Another woman was severely injured and is currently in intensive care at a nearby hospital.
A Dueren police spokeswoman said: “Shots were reported. A male suspect is in a building complex in the city center and he may have taken a hostage.
“We have no contact with him and are not aware of whether he has any demands.”
Much of Dueren city centre has been cordoned off by police….

German Town On Lockdown After Shooting and Hostage Situation

The German town of Dueren is on lockdown Tuesday afternoon after a gunman opened fire in a hairdressing salon killing one and injuring several others. The town  of Dueren in the German region of  North Rhine-Westphalia is currently under total lockdown as police attempt to restore order and security and manage an ongoing hostage situation.
According to reports a lone gunman entered a hairdressing salon in the centre of the town and opened fire killing one and seriously injuring two other victims.  Police have so far not released the identity of the suspect but say that he may have taken another bystander hostage in a nearby apartment.
The entire centre of the town has been placed under police control as the special police service in the area known as MEK, operate to get the situation under control.
It is unclear at this point what the motivation behind the shooting has been, as officials have so far refused to comment on if the shooting is a terror attack or simply a robbery-gone-wrong.
The shooting took place in the vicinity of a nearby bank which has also been placed in lockdown.

Hillary’s scary clown face terrifies voters

By Karin McQuillan 

A friend, who happens to look much like Hillary, recently commented that while she is not photogenic, as ugly as her worst photo is, my friend believes she never looks demented.  But Hillary does look demented – a lot.  Looking at Hillary’s weird facial expressions, any person with common sense feels a deep unease.  
If Hillary is healthy, why does she have almost no campaign appearances for the last month before the election?
A common Hillary expression – whites of the eyes, mouth straining wide open.  Stressed out and weird.
Is this a healthy person’s face?  Zombie Hillary addressing the press on national security.
“That wide-open-mouth/insane-elation thing with her face” – Ann Althouse
So many questions.  Why has she been having catastrophic falls for years?  Why is she so exhausted?  Why did Huma request that a public appearance be kept under two minutes because there was no podium to lean on (Wikileaks)?  Does she have brain damage from her concussion and subsequent blood clots?  Why does she freeze?  Does she have Parkinson's?  As Trump asks, what drug is she on to be so jazzed at the debates and utterly exhausted afterward?
Is it the face you want to see on your next commander in chief?

Green Politico: It’s Time to Learn Arabic and Stop Worrying About Migration

A prominent Green Party politician has said Germans worried about mass immigration should learn Arabic to communicate with new arrivals from the Middle East, comparing it to Americans learning Spanish to speak to Mexicans. The comments from Volker Beck, the left-wing party’s spokesman on migration issues perhaps best known for his drugs arrest over the possession of crystal meth earlier this year, sparked a row about integration in Germany.
“Other countries are more relaxed about the fact that in some areas a community with a migration background speaks another language,” Mr. Beck said in an interview with broadcaster N-TV. “In the U.S., just visit their Chinatowns, or you can find areas where Mexicans live,” he continued.
“[Foreign languages] create a discomfort, because people have the feeling that they don’t understand everything”, he added. “But if it’s really important to people, they should learn the language, then they would understand what’s going on.”
Christina Schwarzer, a Christian Democrat MP in Neukölln, an area of Berlin with a large migrant population, was quick to criticise the suggestion.
“Then we can give up on any effort to integrate [migrants],” she told Bild. “Learning German is the cornerstone of integration.”
As a backlash grew, Mr. Beck responded on Facebook, claiming that he did want migrants to learn German, but maintained that people should think about learning foreign languages and police should have more “intercultural competence”.
“This is nonsense. People who want to live in Germany have to learn, understand and speak German,” he wrote. “In Germany, nobody needs to learn another language to understand migrants and refugees, but they have to learn German.
“Police and social workers we need more intercultural competence with sufficient staff and integration skills. It is important we make the offer of integration courses,” he added.

‘Deport Them Immediately’: Established Migrants in Germany Unhappy About Refugee Influx

Journalists at Berlin’s public service broadcaster were surprised to discover hardline attitudes to newcomers among established migrants in Germany, with some of those interviewed admitting they would like to see many newcomers deported. Migrants who have lived in Germany for decades said a recent influx of foreigners to the area has had a negative effect on residents’ quality of life, and feel that politicians are not representing their interests.
The footage has recently come to light after an English-language translation was published to YouTube. Although references to the programme survive on the network’s Facebook page, the original video which aired in September is no longer on the broadcaster’s website.
Asking about local issues in Berlin’s Neukölln and Kreuzberg districts, reporters heard “refugees” have driven up rents and damaged the atmosphere in the neighbourhoods they inhabit.
Rbb24’s first interviewee, a woman who has lived in Germany for 40 years, described the recent migrant influx as a “catastrophe”. “The refugees, they have to go away!” she exclaimed. Asked whether she believes they should all be deported, the woman shrugs, asserting “they don’t belong here”.
“Today’s refugees get social housing, welfare payments. And this, and that, and this. Why?” the woman questions. Asserting, “I’m a foreigner myself”, she proudly tells the reporter she votes for the nationalist National Democratic Party (NPD).
A woman wearing a colourful hijab also expressed annoyance at the way resources are being used on migrants. Commenting on the recent surge of foreigners to the area she says: “It’s become a little… terrible around here. Not like it used to be.”
”Too many people came to Neukölln. When they come they have to earn a living. They have to give something else — don’t give them our apartments for example. Don’t give them our jobs,” the woman explained.
A migrant who has worked in Germany for decades also lamented the effect recentimei numbers waves of migrants have had on the area. “I’ve had my market here for 20 years. It used to be good people around here that bought my goods. But now, no one buys anything any more… The Germans all moved away,” he said sadly, adding: “Now there’s only refugees and foreigners here.”
One foreign man asserted that more recent migrants are badly behaved and called for tougher treatment in dealing with offenders. “I’ve been here for almost 39 years, I’m happy, I have a family. I’m proud of my son, I have good children,” he says.
“But the foreigners who come now, the ones who came two or three years ago — they’ve caused so much shit in Germany. If I were a German mayor, the mayor of Berlin, I swear to you… When these foreigners steal something — even if it’s small — deport them. Immediately. But they always ramble about a ‘free country’ and ‘democratic’. What the hell does that even mean?”
Other foreigners interviewed by the network bemoaned the effect mass migration has had on the rental market. Asked what he thinks is the biggest problem for people living in Berlin, an African man identified housing. “There’s a problem with the rental prices — it’s uncontrollable. You can no longer get an apartment where you’d like to. It has become too expensive,” he argued.
Reporters heard from another Berlin resident that mass migration has sent rental prices “skyrocketing”. The man pointed out that, as a result, “people who have been living here and working here for a long time” are unable to find an apartment.
A younger interviewee told journalists: “It would be nice if people who don’t have as much money — students or the unemployed, or people who didn’t have the best jobs — it would be great if they could afford a normal apartment and not only ones in the outskirts or way out in the countryside.”
On a post promoting the feature, on the television network’s Facebook page, a number of Germans remarked that white people expressing the opinions voiced by the foreigners in the segment would be labeled as Nazis.  One user wrote: “If a German went on camera and said what these people have said, they would be put in jail.”

Expert Warns of ‘Turkish PEGIDA’ as Erdogan Increases Influence in Germany

A German political scientist has warned President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may create a Turkish nationalist street movement in Germany akin to the anti-Islamisation PEGIDA movement. German, Turkish origin political scientist Burak Copur has warned politicians of the growing tide of support for Islamist president Erdoğan could lead to Germans of Turkish descent creating a violent Turkish nationalist movement, reports Die Welt. 
Reports have likened the potential movement to Germany’s PEGIDA strolling group, which are not violent but do meet weekly to demand political change and to protest the Islamisation of Germany.
Copur is not alone in his assessment of the situation. In July, Greens leader Cem Özdemir warned of the influence of the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB) which he claimed took their funding and their orders directly from Erdoğan’s Justice and Development (AKP) party. A similar statement was made the month before by integration commissioner Aydan Özoguz.
Mr. Özdemir was one of a dozen Turkish-German MPs who were threatened earlier this year after parliament voted to recognise the Armenian genocide. He claimed that he had received threats from Turkish nationalists, one email saying: “We will find you anywhere.”
Mr. Copur maintains that Germany needs to have an active dialogue with Turkish supporters of the Islamist Turkish president. “We must careful that we do not drive German Turks in the arms of Erdoğan,” he said.
However, according to Copur the main obstacle to dialogue is the lack of support for democratic and liberal values among Turkish Germans. He asserted that what was needed was a reinforcement of “the liberal and democratic forces in the Turkish community”.
Ever since the failed coup in Turkey earlier this year there have been conflicts between Turkish expats and other groups viewed as enemies of Erdoğan and the AKP. In the immediate aftermath of the failed coup, Turks took to the streets in major cities in Germany, as well as in the capital of neighbouring Austria, in demonstration of support for Erdoğan.
In Cologne alone, tens of thousands of Turkish Germans flooded the streets in support of the president and the AKP. The only significant reaction from German politicians came from the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) which had highlighted the problems of integration in their party manifesto.
Austria, meanwhile, was more robust in their criticisms of pro-Erdoğan supporters in Vienna. Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, along with Freedom Party (FPÖ) presidential candidate Norbert Hofer, denounced the protests and told resident Turks that they should either be loyal to Austria or leave.

Muslim groups starting to kidnap Danish girls for rape. Rapes increased 163 percent in ONE year!

Creepy trend has come to Denmark: Muslim groups kidnap Danish girls for rape
For many years migrants have abducted and raped non-Muslim girls in England. In the town of Rotherham alone, 1,400 girls were sexually abused, abducted and in many cases also sedated with drugs and beaten severily. One expert says that up to a million girls in England may have been sexually abused in this way.
The perpetrators are Muslims
The British lawyer Gavin Boby has done research on the phenomena. It turns out that Muslims are more than 200 times more likely to commit this kind of crime than non-Muslims. Recent attacks suggest that trend has now come to Denmark.
Girls tried abducted
Recently an 18-year-old girl in North Jutland was attempted abducted in a car by three Arab men who tried to rape her. She screamed, punched and kicked her way out of the car and managed to escape.
A few days later 4-5 dark-skinned men in the same area tried to snatch a 17-year-old girl in a van. The girl got away by biting one of the men hard in the penis when he raped her orally.
The parents’ tragic responsibility
These are just two examples. There are many more. Since politicians began to let tens of thousands of Muslim migrants into the Danes, there has been a surge in sexual assaults.
From Spring 2015 to spring of 2016, the number of rapes increased by 163 percent!
The tragedy is that many of the victims’ parents have put the politicians in power who let in the people who raped their children.
Weeping families, guilty politicians
Broken lives and weeping families. The guilty politicians proclame more of the same naive, useless laws.
No one can claim that we Islam-critics did not warn them.
Nothing will change before we 1) stop Muslim immigration, 2) shut down mosques not actively renouncing Islamic law, sharia (Sharia preaches rape of non-Muslims), 3) consistently deports all criminal immigrants to either their home country or camps or prisons outside Europe, 4) establish permanent border of all travellers, and 5) allow educated, law-abiding, self-supporting citizens with no connections to radicals who have passed written tests on democracy and human rights and regular shooting tests to arm themselves.”

Over 700 Christians Attacked in German Asylum Homes Over Summer

The charity Open Doors claims that since May over 700 Christians have been the subject of attacks in German asylum homes with the majority of the perpetrators being Muslim. In most German asylum homes the vast majority of the residents come from Muslim backgrounds and the attitudes of many towards Christians, women, homosexuals, and other religious minorities have led to threats, intimidation, and violence on a large scale.
Christian charity Open Doors, along with Action for persecuted Christians and those in Need (AVC), European Community Mission (EMG), and Central Council of Oriental Christians in Germany (ZOCD), have released a report on Monday detailing the crimes against Christians with 743 individual cases of threats or violence since May alone.
According to the report, 617 — or 83 per cent — of the cases reported included multiple assaults.  Almost half of victims, 314, claim they have received death threats from fellow migrants.
In addition, 416 said they had been physically assaulted and 44 said they had been sexually assaulted.
An overwhelming majority — 91 per cent — of the perpetrators of the attacks were Muslim. In a shocking 205 cases, the attackers were not only Muslims but were guards at asylum homes – individuals paid to protect the migrants in their care.
Germany has struggled to attract vetted asylum home guards needed at this unprecedented scale, as Breitbart London reported earlier this year, often hiring unqualified migrants. In several cases, the Christians were attacked but received no protection from asylum center staff.
One Iranian migrant reported seeing graffiti on the wall of an asylum home which read: “It is time to cut off the heads of all Christians”.
All the charities involved have once again lobbied lawmakers to ensure the safety of Christians in asylum homes.
Chairman and chief executive of Open Doors Germany Markus Rode said: “Our history teaches us never again to ignore oppression and discrimination against minorities in favour of the perpetrators. Therefore, our appeal goes first to the Chancellor: act here and not let this issue be only to left the provinces.”

Germany: Schools on lockdown following threats of mass shootings

Who could have issued these threats? “Right-wing extremists”? There is a remote possibility. Islamic jihadists? Much more likely. This is almost certainly more of the fallout from Merkel’s suicidal policies regarding Muslim migrants. But she is determined to stay the course, even to the destruction of her own nation. She will go down in history as the most disastrous German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler.
German police7
“BREAKING: Teachers and pupils ordered to stay inside as German schools go into lockdown and are surrounded by armed police following warning of ‘mass shootings,'” by Jennifer Newton, MailOnline, October 17, 2016:
Terrified teachers and students were barricaded in classrooms as several schools in Germany were placed on lockdown due to threats of a mass shooting.
Schools in the cities of Leipzig and Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt were sent chilling emails this morning, warning of shootings.
Police officers were then quickly dispatched, while the teachers and children were ordered to stay inside.
At one of the schools, the Reclam High School in Leipzig, officers armed with guns and wearing bullet proof vests were pictured outside.
At a grammar school in the district of Stotteritz children were told to remain in classrooms while at two schools in Magdeburg police officers stormed the buildings to investigate.
After the threats, some schools decided to continue with lessons while others told children to go home for the day.
A police spokesman confirmed that the schools had been threatened but did not say what the emails contained.
Officials also added that they did not believe the threats constituted a serious danger.
Germany is on high terror alert after a wave of attacks this year, heaping pressure on chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy….

How old are they REALLY? Concern as 'hulking' all-male refugee children arrive from Calais

 A group of child refugees arrived in the UK from Calais yesterdayA group of child refugees arrived in the UK from Calais yesterday
QUESTIONS have been raised over the real ages of refugee children arriving in Britain from Calais after it emerged that immigration officials have no way of verifying how old they are.Tory MPs have expressed concern that the UK's hospitality may be being abused after pictures of the first group of "hulking", all-male teenagers to cross the Channel were published yesterday. Fourteen youngsters, who officials insist are between the ages of 14 and 17, arrived in the UK from the infamous Jungle camp as part of a fast-track scheme to get children out before it is demolished. But Conservative politicians said that photographs of the refugees suggested many of the group were older than 17, with one blasting: "These don't look like children to me." Tory MPs have expressed concern that the UK's hospitality may be being abused after pictures of the first group of "hulking", all-male teenagers to cross the Channel were published yesterday. Fourteen youngsters, who officials insist are between the ages of 14 and 17, arrived in the UK from the infamous Jungle camp as part of a fast-track scheme to get children out before it is demolished. But Conservative politicians said that photographs of the refugees suggested many of the group were older than 17, with one blasting: "These don't look like children to me." In instances where refuges have no official documentation, Home Office protocol states that a screening officer can certify them as a child based on their “physical appearance” or “demeanour”. Whitehall documents state that refugees “should be treated as an adult if their physical appearance/demeanour very strongly suggests that they are significantly over 18 years of age”. However, the guidelines also say that “all other applicants should be afforded the benefit of the doubt and treated as children”. And eurosceptic Tory MP David Davies raised concerns that many of the 'children' brought over to Britain yesterday could be significantly older than they claim. The MP for Monmouth, in South Wales, said that anyone looking to come to the UK as a refugee child should be made to take a dental test to better establish their true age. He said: “These don't look like ‘children’ to me. I hope British hospitality is not being abused. “These young men don't look like minors to me. They are hulking teenagers who look older than 18. I'm all for helping the genuine children but the well of goodwill is rapidly being exhausted here. He added: "I'm also curious that there are no young women - I would have thought they would be much more vulnerable. I worry that once again British hospitality is being abused. “There is no way of knowing if someone is a child. We could end up causing even more misery if we are not careful. We should invite anyone who wants to come to the UK to take dental tests.” Some of the images published yesterday raised eyebrows amongst the general public after statements by politicians and charities appeared to imply that Britain was being asked to help tiny youngsters of ten and younger. All of the current crop of refugee children are being brought over under the Dublin Agreement, which means they should all have close family already in the UK. Ukip MEP Jane Collins said the children “looked very mature for their age” and “hoped the British public weren’t providing refuge for adult economic migrants trying to pull a fast one.” She added: “I have been told by social workers there are many cases of transparently adult migrants claiming to be under 16 and the social work teams have to go on what these ‘children’ say unless it can be proved otherwise with full access to the social security system here in the UK. “Many of the migrants in Calais threw away their documentation because then they are unable, under international law, to be returned to a country if they are technically ‘stateless’ or it cannot be proved where they came from."In my constituency in Rotherham we have clear need of funds and qualified workers in the local council to stop the abuse of children which many say is still ongoing. Why should children in Yorkshire suffer for people who may well be fooling the system?”A Home Office spokesman said: “We can confirm a group of children who left the Calais camp this morning have arrived in the UK. “This is the start of the process to transfer as many eligible children as possible before the start of the clearance, as the Home Secretary set out in Parliament. “These vulnerable children, aged between 14 and 17, were transferred to the UK under the care of Home Office staff, with the support of volunteers from specialist NGOs and charities. They will join their families in the UK as quickly as possible over the coming days.” The Home Office said that “essential checks have been made on these young people for their safety and the safety of others” and added: “This means verifying their ages, confirming their identities and eligibility to come to the UK and running security checks.” It is thought as many as 400 refugee children could be given sanctuary in the UK in the coming days. Once the remaining minors have been identified the order can finally be given to flatten the camp, which is home to 10,000 UK bound migrants. Work is expected to start on Monday. The group, made up of youngsters from war-ravaged countries like Syria and Sudan, was welcomed by charities and faith leaders. Asif Khan, a 25-year-old chef who has been living in the UK for 11 years after fleeing Afghanistan, said his brother Aimal Khan, 14, had been stranded in the Jungle for six months. He said: “I really appreciate this. My brother was in Calais for the last six months. It was a blessing to receive him from there - I’m really happy. “His journey was so difficult, it was by walking, by bus to Calais. He gets a new life now, because there are many people who died in Calais.” A team of British officials has been dispatched to northern France to oversee transfer of children ahead of the clearance. Campaigners including Citizens UK claim to have identified hundreds of children living in the disease-ridden camp who have a right to come to the UK. Immigration rules state asylum claims must be made in the first safe country a person reaches but children can have their application transferred to another country if they have family ties there. French Housing Minister Emmanuelle Cosse said: “The [jungle] dismantlement will begin when all the conditions for success are in place. We are almost there and we will carry on to the end.”

Muslim Rape Gang Victim Talks to Breitbart: Girls Still Targeted Because Police Refuse to Act

Muslim men who groomed and violently abused young girls in a quiet English town have been left to carry on raping girls, despite being named to the police, one of their victims has told Breitbart London. Kaitlyn (not her real name) suffered years of abuse at the hands of hundreds of men in her home town, and in locations across the UK. Yet despite handing a list of more than 80 names to the police for investigation, her attackers are still working as taxi drivers, businessmen, and even on the local council. And she says they are still abusing young vulnerable girls in her town.
Kaitlyn’s ordeal began when she was thirteen when an “olive skinned” man came to her house telling her he was going to take photos for a modelling portfolio.
“I was going to do photos – didn’t know what sort until he got there. They ended up being full nudes.
“He attacked me in my parent’s house, then used the photos to make me see his friends, telling me ‘if you don’t go, I’ll show your mum these photos’.
“It spiralled out from there. One person would introduce you to another.”
Over the next decade Kaitlyn was systematically abused by hundreds of men who would line up to await their turn with her. On average, she says, she would be raped by eight at a time, one after the other.
“My mum called the police when I was 15. I didn’t tell her, she found out another way. This big tall black officer [came to the house]; he was pacing the room. He was really impatient.”
Rather than take the complaint seriously, the officer told Kaitlyn’s mother that she was a known prostitute. “He told my mum to leave me to it, that I would stop when I’m ready. And he told me that they couldn’t offer protection if I gave a statement.” She doesn’t recall whether he gave a reason why.
At 16 years old Kaitlyn was evicted from the family house by her mother, who feared for her own safety and that of Kaitlyn’s younger brother. Kaitlyn moved into a youth hostel where the abuse continued.
Kaitlyn has been raped with a knife held to her throat more than once. One of her abusers told her that he was planning to hide her body under his floorboards and that she’d never be found as he was returning to Pakistan. She had been threatened with a drill, and her abusers have told her, in recent years, that they will pour acid down her throat if she reports the abuse.
As none of her abusers ever used protection she has contracted numerous STDs and has been pregnant eleven times. Many of the pregnancies ended in abortion, but she has two young daughters, both fathered by her abusers.
Kaitlyn has attempted suicide more than once and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Yet not one of her attackers has been brought to justice.
In fact, she often sees them in the streets. “They wave at me, try and talk to me. I’ve had some ask me to find them young girls, but that’s not going to happen. That’s what they’re like.”
Last year Kaitlyn found the ID card of a taxi driver she recognised as one of her abusers on the floor near her daughter’s school. The ID included his real name, and, searching through his Facebook profile, she was able to track down the names of dozens of other men.
“I’ve gave [the police] about eighty names of guys I remember in my town alone – and I don’t remember half of them. I’ve been approached by them and they’ve said ‘you don’t remember me, do you?’ and I’ve said ‘no’.
“But the names that I did give, they are guys that I saw quite a lot.
“At first I tried to give the names anonymously but was told that I’d have to give an official statement, that’s why I did it – I didn’t want to. But they [the police] just haven’t done anything with [the information]. They didn’t even take some of the names.”
Yet after a year of working with the police, she was told that the case would be dropped.
“None of the men were ever arrested. I don’t think they even knew there was a case.”
She was told that the case wasn’t viable because she has gaps in her memory thanks to PTSD. But she remains unconvinced. “Personally I don’t think it’s that,” she said. “I do think they’re still worried about being called racist.”
And she thinks there’s another reason too: “I was passed onto another guy… a Muslim guy… he’s in high power in another country. He was in charge of myself and four other girls.
“I think there’s people in high places…. It’s a bit too much for them [the police] to deal with. It’s too hard – that’s what I think.”